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How Mike Flynn's position on Turkey turned on a dime -a lot of dimes

Plus, Russia didn't stop trying to manipulate Americans through social media when the election was over.
00:44:46 12/17/2018

Past Episodes

Plus, Trump picks a chief of staff, Ivanka might have legal exposure on inauguration scandal, and a judge declared Obamacare unconstitutional. Just another Friday...
00:44:01 12/14/2018
Plus, federal prosecutors are looking at Trump inauguration funds
00:43:34 12/13/2018
If prosecutors are following the hush money, there aren't many names on the list of people who have check-signing authority at the Trump Organization.
00:44:33 12/12/2018
Plus, if you don't mind, Mike Pence is going to power down for a bit
00:50:23 12/11/2018
Plus, if a sitting president can't be indicted, what about one who just left office?
00:45:05 12/10/2018
Plus, Mueller's claim of corroborating information on Cohen's "Moscow Project" testimony is a very big problem for Trump
00:52:56 12/7/2018
Plus, holy moly there's a lot of Trump-Russia stuff schedule for Friday
00:47:32 12/6/2018
Plus, the NRCC was reportedly hacked, but then....?
00:44:35 12/5/2018
9:00 Mueller memo on Flynn shows cooperation on three investigations9:28 Mueller memo: Flynn cooperation led to other witness testimonies9:36 Redactions raise questions about Flynn's work with Mueller9:44 Flynn's 19 meetings with Mueller suggest a lot was shared9:52 Another FBI official overseeing Trump Russia investigation exits9:59 Flynn's lies about Russia not explained in Mueller memo
00:58:32 12/4/2018
Plus, Mueller to make upcoming filings public-facing.
00:44:21 12/3/2018

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