Fast Track: Career conversations with Margie Hartley (AUS)

Career Insights from CEO's and business leaders. Margie Hartley, Executive Coach to 11 of the top ASX listed companies, discusses the challenges preventing people in the corporate world from advancing their careers and speaks to leading Executives and CEO's about how to overcome these challenges.


Fast Track: Career conversations with Margie Hartley (AUS)

How to manage a crisis

Crises take all forms and can lead to devastating outcomes including the loss of jobs and plummeting company value. It can be a competitor, a shonky employee but can you plan for all eventualities and what in fact happens behind the scenes?  Margie asks Claire Kimball, founder of The Squizz, former press secretary to Tony Abbott and former communications director for the Woolworths Group.
00:22:38 8/19/2019

Past Episodes

Is ambition dirty or good? It’s rare to see anyone succeed without ambition but too much can be a leading derailer! So what is the balance and how do you tell someone that they are over indexing on ambition? Margie discusses with global HR Professional Rhonda Brighton-Hall
00:23:21 8/12/2019
Why are so many of us surprised to learn that being in a team is something we learn – that it is not instinctive? Margie Hartley is joined by John Eales, Board Director and former Captain of The Australian Wallabies Rugby Union Team to talk about the fundamentals of team and the art of teamwork.
00:22:45 8/5/2019
Why are we often reticent and suspicious about psychometric assessments? How do we decipher what is being measured and are the insights gained of any substantial value to us and our organisations? Margie is joined by Andries Keun, Managing Director of Thomas International.
00:23:53 7/29/2019
Being influential is much more than getting what you want, and great influencers know this. Jac Phillips, Senior Director Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific VISA,  talks through the fundamentals of influence, the relationship between those who influence and those who are successful - and how you can begin to master the art of influence.
00:21:22 7/22/2019
Why is negotiation a challenge for aspiring leaders?  Why do we avoid it whenever possible and how can we take control? Margie is joined by master negotiator Lloyd Barrett, Managing Consultant, The Gap Partnership. 
00:29:20 7/15/2019
Increase staff retention by encouraging staff to participate in the job market. Ryan Bonnici, Chief Marketing Officer G2 Crowd discusses the intrinsic value of professional development in staff retention and the long-term benefits of supporting staff to pursue external opportunities with Executive Coach Margie Hartley.
00:19:00 4/22/2019
Invigorate your career with a well-planned adult gap year. Louisa Francis formerly GM Customer Lifecycle Management, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, talks to the changing attitude by leading corporations on your ability to take an adult gap year, the personal and organisational benefits and the practical steps involved in the process with Executive Coach Margie Hartley.
00:18:12 4/15/2019
“Nothing happens through luck, chance or magic, you have to put the effort in to make it happen.” Kerry Cusack General Manager of Jets Swimwear shares her insights on what motivates us to change, why we often don’t and how once you have committed - to successfully implement change with Executive Coach Margie Hartley. Kerry Cusack is the General Manager of Jets Swimwear and founder of Bondi Bather swimwear.
00:16:19 4/8/2019
The costs of negative employees to business is well documented, so how do you manage and impact positive change? Ryan Bonnici, Chief Marketing Officer G2 Crowd discusses  the implications of setting clear expectations, establishing time frames for positive change and the benefits of constructive honest conversation with Executive Coach Margie Hartley.
00:19:33 4/1/2019
Do you feel you are failing as a working parent? How do you arrive at a place where you feel satisfied that you are giving enough of yourself to your family and also to your work? Executive Coach Margie Hartley speaks to Laura Berry, CEO Supply Nation and a (2018 Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Women of Influence) about self-preservation, outsourcing, communication, setting expectations and being kind to oneself.
00:15:07 3/25/2019

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