We all yearn to live a great life, but what does that actually look like and how can we all lead one? In A Life of Greatness, host Sarah Grynberg interviews some of the world's chief thought-leaders, sports legends, entertainers, best selling authors and inspiring spiritual minds as they explain how they have overcome challenges, conquered self-limiting beliefs and connected with a deeper sense of self to achieve greatness in their lives, and provide practical tips and advice for how you can too.


A Life of Greatness (AUS)

Kate Langbroek - Rising Strong

Loved by Australians for her quick wit and maverick personality, radio royalty Kate Langbroek is no stranger to keeping it real. Kate opens up about what it was like being raised in a Jehovah’s Witness family, her son’s battle with Leukaemia and how when you live your truth nothing can hurt you.
00:43:31 7/29/2019

Past Episodes

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a world-renowned stem cell biologist best known for his research into how environmental factors influence gene expression. He discovered that by having different thoughts and experiencing different emotions, you can change your genetic behavior. Bruce offers his tools on how to rewire the subconscious so that your genes don’t determine your destiny.
00:44:42 7/29/2019
Don’t reach the end of your life only to realise you never really lived it. Palliative care worker and best selling author Bronnie Ware shares the invaluable lessons she has learned from those nearing their death. Through telling her story, she will inspire you to let go of what others think of you, surrender into the present moment and live life to its fullest potential.
00:39:24 7/29/2019
In my second interview with Dr Joe Dispenza, the world-renowned neuroscientist and New York Times best-selling author offers advice on how to break away from self-limiting beliefs, raising emotionally balanced children and how to rewire your brain and recondition your body to make lasting changes. 
00:47:21 7/29/2019
Laura Nirider, is one of the defence lawyers on the Brendan Dassey case featured on the hit Netflix series Making A Murderer and  director at the Center on Wrongful Conviction of Youth. Laura talks about the injustices concerning the deceitful convictions of children and why working on Brendan’s case has changed her life.
00:37:15 7/29/2019
NYT best-selling author and world-renowned Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg believes that in order to find real love we must change the way we think about it. Sharon shares tips on how to empower yourself and live a more present and authentic life.
00:34:00 7/29/2019
Jonni Pollard is a personal development and wisdom teacher for some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. We talk about how breaking through society’s toxic conditioning and following your intuition allows you to live your life’s true purpose.
00:37:51 7/29/2019
Author and past-life psychic Ainslie MacLeod believes that each person’s soul holds a life plan that was created long before they were born. Ainslie speaks about how uncovering past life trauma can help heal unexplained fears, phobias and other blocks to happiness in your present life.
00:38:22 7/29/2019
Hamish Blake is one of Australia’s greatest entertainment success stories, having enjoyed a lucrative career in comedy, television, radio and podcasting, but his greatest success is his family. Hamish talks candidly to host Sarah Grynberg about his two children who keep him real, active parenting, his struggle with self doubt and the importance of living in the moment.
00:25:02 4/6/2019
Having spent four years in the pharmaceutical industry developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer, Dr David Hamilton became fascinated by the powers of the placebo effect. Now the author of multiple books aimed to promote understanding of the incredible mind body relationship, David speaks to host Sarah Grynberg about breaking down the physics of healing and provides practical tips to improve physical health through kindness and love for A Life of Greatness.
00:26:34 4/6/2019
From the outside, AFL superstar Wayne Schwass appeared to have it all, but beneath the shiny veneer of Australian Rules football, Wayne was battling a profound and life-threatening depression that plagued him for years. Wayne Schwass is now one of Australia’s leading mental health advocates and in this episode he opens up to host Sarah Grynberg about his path to recovery, his outlook on life and his commitment to mental health awareness.
00:36:10 4/6/2019
World-renowned neuroscientist and New York Times best-selling author Dr Joe Dispenza is empowering the world to heal their minds and take back control through meditation and mindfulness. Joe shares with host Sarah Grynberg some practical advice and tools to set yourself on a path to deeper self-awareness, break deep-rooted habits, heal your body and unlock your full potential for A Life of Greatness.
00:18:44 4/6/2019
Comedian Christian Hull became an internet sensation with his alter ego, Trish. In this episode, Christian talks openly to host Sarah Grynberg about his struggle with his weight, sexuality, online trolls and the debilitating constant need to please, explaining how he has changed his mindset and been true to himself in order to lead his own life of greatness.
00:20:11 4/6/2019
New York Times best selling author Gretchen Rubin, is one of the world’s most thought-provoking and influential writers on habits and happiness. Gretchen reveals to host Sarah Grynberg the rules that have helped her find joy and explains how being yourself will set you on the path to greatness.
00:27:35 4/6/2019
Why is it that children in third world countries with so little are happy, while privileged children in the western world have the highest rates of depression and anxiety? Sarah Grynberg talks with the head of The Resilience Project, Hugh van Cuylenburg, about how demonstrating gratitude, empathy, compassion, and mindfulness inspires a happier and more fulfilling life and why it is crucial we cultivate these qualities in our children – the adults of the future.
00:23:16 4/6/2019

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