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Over it and On With It. Master Coach Christine Hassler provides you with practical tools and spiritual principles to help you overcome whatever obstacles might be holding you back. Each episode, Christine coaches callers live on the air offering them inspiration and guidance to heal their past, change their present and create what they really want. Topics include: relationships, career, health, transitions, finances, life purpose, spirituality and whatever else callers have questions about. Christine coaches "regular people" on problems - and opportunities - we all face. It's a show that reminds you that you are not alone, while also teaching things you can implement in your own life.


EP 123: Being Strong is Overrated with Kelsey

This episode is about surrender. Kelsey feels blocked financially and is looking for advice on how to get unstuck when it comes to her dead-end job and finances. We don't actually end up talking about either of those things. We delve into her underlying patterns caused by her not feeling safe. [For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode123] All of us experience not feeling safe in some way and we make ourselves feel safe in different ways. We may outsource it through relationships with other people, maybe we overwork ourselves to make a lot of money or we attempt to be in control of everything in our lives. Resilience is important but make sure you don't do it by means of suppression. We must be willing to feel, acknowledge, and heal old wounds. Being a victim or feeling sorry for ourselves is not what emotional processing is about. We can truly heal and liberate ourselves from anything but we must be willing to deal with what 'is' our life. To create change in your life you must create a feeling of internal safety. I am headed to Australia. If you would like to be part of a half-day intensive, a session with me or life coach mastery and business training, email Jill@ChristineHassler.com. Consider/Ask Yourself: ? Are you struggling with finances or a job you hate? ? Do you relate to being strong and believe you have to be strong? Do you relish the fact that others acknowledge you for being strong? ? What does vulnerability mean to you? Is it a weakness? ? Are you an overachiever, control freak or type 'A' personality? Do you feel safer when you are in control? ? How are you at surrendering? How are you just letting go and trusting that things will just work out? Kelsey's Question: Kelsey feels blocked financially and would like to know how she can build wealth again. Kelsey's Key Insights and Ahas: ? She is afraid to slow her life down. ? She has created compensatory strategies to make herself feel safe. ? She beats herself up over her choices. ? She does personal growth work. ? She feels like she's a burden to others. ? She is neglecting her emotional needs. ? She doesn't have to prove her worth to anyone. How to Get Over It and On With It: ? She should take a month to bathe herself in love, be kind to herself and create safety and security within herself. ? She should break the pattern of panic and go into reassurance. ? She should research inner child meditations. Action Steps: ? Download the app for Insight Timer and search for "Healing Inner Child Emotional Processing Meditation," by Erin Geraghty. ? Identify your compensatory strategies and work through Expectation Hangover and 20-Something, 20-Everything. ? Participate in a surrender experiment for 30-days. Sponsor: Stitch Fix helps you to shop in a productive way and end up with purchases you actually love, right from home with no subscription required. Use this link to get 25% off when you keep all the items in your box. Freshbooks is easy to use cloud accounting software for self-employed professionals. Freshbooks wants to help you master your business with online payments and project management options. Receive an unrestricted 30-day free trial at Freshbooks.com/Christine, just use OVERITANDONWITH IT in the how did you hear about us section. Resources: Christine Hassler ?Join the Free Over It and On With It Community Christine Hassler Podcasts Including Coaches Corner Christine on Facebook Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler @ChristinHassler on Twitter @ChristineHassler on Instagram
00:45:37 1/17/2018

Past Episodes

This is an incredibly intimate conversation between Christine and Madisyn as they talk about anxiety, depression and overcoming a challenging past. You will feel so much hope and reassurance from this episode! MADISYN TAYLOR is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the popular inspirational website and daily newsletter, DailyOM and is responsible for all of its content. A recognized leader in self-help and new thought spirituality, Taylor has more than 20 years of experience in personal development and alternative healing methodologies. She has contributed to national publications and is a popular guest on many radio shows. Hay House published her international bestselling books, DailyOM: Inspirational Thoughts For A Happy, Healthy & Fulfilling Day, and DailyOM: Learning To Live, and she is also a #1 Billboard recording artist with her line of guided meditation albums. Check out her new book Unmedicated (please link to: https://www.amazon.com/Unmedicated-Four-Pillars-Natural-Wellness/dp/1582706573/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1515687060&sr=8-1&keywords=unmedicated) which is a gentle and accessible step-by-step guide to moving from excessive reliance on medications to fundamentally healing yourself through four pillars of natural wellness.
00:34:13 1/13/2018
This episode is about relationships. If you are in a relationship that isn't healthy, has reached its expiration date, or no longer serves you, this episode will help you gain clarity to your situation and emancipate you from your relationship. Today's caller, Daniella, is finding it difficult to break free from an issue-based relationship. [For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode122] Learning to trust your intuition will help you to have relationships that are based on love and shared values. Your intuition will always know the answer but your hormones get in the way, especially in issue-based relationships. You must separate love and lust to find the true intimacy. Love isn't volatile and it doesn't include lying. A healthy relationship doesn't create anxiety or doubt. We bring these relationships into our lives to show us a part of our life we need to heal. Consider the difference between short-term discomfort and prolonged suffering in your life. Sometimes we need a little tough love to get us out of an unhealthy relationship so we can move to the healthy relationships and have true love inside ourselves and with another. I am headed to Australia. If you would like to be part of a half-day intensive, a session with me or life coach training, email Jill@ChristineHassler.com. Consider/Ask Yourself: ? Are you in a relationship you are doubting? Have you had a recent breakup and are doubting the choice? ? Do you tend to fall in love with potential and see more of the fantasy than the reality of who a person really is? ? Do you tend to believe a person's words and promises more than their actions and behaviors? ? How is your current relationship with yourself? Are you kind, generous and loving with yourself? Do you trust yourself? Daniella's Question: Daniella has trouble ending relationships even when she knows they are not healthy. Daniella's Key Insights and Ahas: ? She felt like a misfit in high school. ? She may be confusing love with infatuation. ? She has low self-worth and low self-confidence. ? She's in an issue-based relationship. ? She deserves better relationships. How to Get Over It and On With It: ? She needs to see her relationship for what it is. ? She should look at what this relationship is teaching her. ? She should write a letter to announce she is not interested in getting back together. ? She needs to work on getting closure on her own. ? She should look at how she loves herself and treats herself. ? She should work through the exercises in Expectation Hangover. Action Steps: ? Get honest about your relationships. Make sure someone's words and behaviors match. ? If you know a relationship has reached its expiration date, get closure and have boundaries. ? Use these sentence starters to write a free-form letter you don't intend to send: ? Dear (name) I am saying goodbye to you because... ? Thank you for... ? I learned from you... ? I forgive you for... ? I forgive myself for... Sponsor: Freshbooks is easy to use cloud accounting software for self-employed professionals. Freshbooks wants to help you master your business with online payments and project management options. Receive an unrestricted 30-day free trial at Freshbooks.com/Christine, just use OVERITANDONWITH IT in the how did you hear about us section. Resources: Christine Hassler Christine Hassler Podcasts Including Coaches Corner Christine on Facebook Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler @ChristinHassler on Twitter @ChristineHassler on Instagram
00:34:17 1/9/2018
Life coach. Author. Hellraiser. Andrea Owen is passionate about empowering women to value themselves and fiercely love who they are. She helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. We talk about the dangers of numbing out, why playing the blame game is only a way to off load pain, and how to have healthier relationships. You can learn more at www.yourkickasslife.com and get her new book "How to Stop Feeling Like Shit" at www.yourkickasslife.com/htsfls
00:37:19 1/6/2018
This episode is about trusting ourselves and changing our relationship with money and with people. Today's caller, Jillian, is low on self-love and self-trust and she finds herself buying love. Money and love have been combined and entangled her entire life and her self-worth is dependent on her net worth. However, she doesn't like having money. [For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode121] Jillian doesn't like money because it brings up things she doesn't want to face. Money was used as emotional currency in her family. All she wanted was love and attention. It's not the money she is angry at; it's her father. She has been craving love for a long time. This love/hate relationship manifests in a cycle. She makes money because she thinks she needs it to survive and then she gets mad at it because it triggers her past issues. Then, she spends it and then panics because she doesn't have any. The cycle then starts all over again. In order to have a better relationship with money, Jillian has to heal her past issues with her father. She has love and money paired together. It's incredibly confusing and has made her repeat the behavior of her father. If she were to disconnect money and love she would have healthier relationships. Anything we unconsciously fear, we test. Jillian has a fear that if she doesn't have money no one will love her so she tests it by almost sabotaging her financial well-being to see if someone will stay in her life. What are you unconsciously testing that you are actually manifesting? This is a great year to focus on self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care. The kinder and more loving you are to yourself the more love you have to give and share. My new journal, 40 Days to Increase Your Peace, Productivity and Prosperity can help you focus on what is important. Sign up for my newsletter at ChristineHassler.com so you know when it's available. Consider/Ask Yourself: ? How do you describe your relationship with money? ? What was your family's financial situation growing up and how did that affect you? ? Do you feel like someone tried to buy your love or apologized with material things? ? Have you ever tried to buy affection or attention with gifts or money? ? Do you trust yourself when it comes to money? Jillian's Question: Jillian has had money and trust issues since she was a little girl and would like to know how to separate love from money. Jillian's Key Insights and Ahas: ? She was told she would never have to worry about money. ? She doesn't know how to separate love from money. ? She craves love and connection with people. ? Her money challenges have always been solved with money. ? She doesn't have to buy love. ? She has a scarcity mentality when it comes to money. How to Get Over It and On With It: ? She needs to understand that she has been craving love for a long time. ? She should speak with her husband more about her fears. ? She should make a list of the ways she breaks trust with herself and make new agreements. ? She needs to uplevel her financial IQ. Action Steps: ? Make a list of the ways you break trust with yourself and make new agreements. Keep your word to yourself! ? Evaluate your relationship with money and up your financial IQ. ? Challenge yourself to be more intimate with people instead of giving them gifts. ? If you are having difficulty trusting yourself with money, go to the bank and set up a 'trust' fund. Sponsor: Freshbooks ? Allows you to focus on your core business and makes invoicing, online payments and project management simple and fast. Receive an unrestricted 30-day free trial at Freshbooks.com/Christine, just use OVERITANDONWITH IT in the how did you hear about us section. Resources: Christine Hassler Christine Hassler Podcasts Including Coaches Corner Christine on Facebook Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler @ChristinHassler on Twitter @ChristineHassler on Instagram
00:43:32 1/3/2018
Listen in as Christine wraps up 2017 and guides you through a beautiful meditation to bring 2017 to an intentional completion and begin to co-create 2018.
00:18:21 12/30/2017
This episode is about finding the true sweetness in life. Today's caller, Marina, feels like she is stuck, especially when it comes to resisting sugar and taking care of her body. As you will hear in the call, It's not actually sugar she is craving. [For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode120] We don't overcome our eating patterns with discipline alone. There is no one diet or one book that fixes it. Usually, there is a deeper issue at play that goes back to our childhood. When it comes to dealing with any kind of food addiction or self-sabotaging behavior when it comes to food or exercise it is important we get to the root of the issue and get support to start building new healthy habits. Most people try to change themselves because they want to get away from something. It may get them to a certain point but it is depleting because it employs criticism and restriction. This 'moving away from' motivation triggers your inner rebel which is why it usually doesn't work. Having 'toward' motivation is becoming a disciple and having a loving following of the thing you are moving toward, like your health and well being. I find, people who crave sugar didn't have a lot of sweetness or nurturing growing up. They internalize an overly critical or controlling parent or they use self-criticism as a motivator. Sweetness and nurturing is something we humans need. If you weren't soothed as a child food can become a soothing strategy. Give yourself the sweetness and nurturing you may not have gotten growing up. Sign up for my newsletter to get my tips on how to say goodbye to 2017 and to say hello 2018! Consider/Ask Yourself: ? Do you feel stuck or like you are sabotaging yourself in some area of your life? ? Do you have a sugar or food addiction? ? Are you hard on yourself especially when judging yourself as lazy or lacking self-discipline? ? Did you grow up with a lot of sweetness and nurturing in your life? Marina's Question: Marina feels limited in her ability to be happy and that she lacks discipline. Marina's Key Insights and Ahas: ? She has created self-supportive habits for herself. ? She breaks agreements with herself when it comes to food and exercise. ? She has an emotional craving for sweetness. ? She grew up with fear and criticism as motivators. ? She is a rebelling against herself. How to Get Over It and On With It: ? She should speak kindly to herself when feels stressed. ? She should soothe herself with something else. ? She should do grief work around what she wanted from her parents and be a loving parent to herself. ? She should find a way to do things without them feeling oppressive. ? She should research her blood sugar levels. Takeaways: ? Don't try to beat your sugar addiction with willpower alone. ? If you feel stuck in any aspect of your life become a disciple and find your 'toward motivation' to get what you want. ? Find ways to be sweet to yourself and self-soothe. ? Write an 'I wish' letter to your parents and then use it to give yourself the gift of inner sweetness. Sponsor: NOOM? Is a modern weight release program that turns temptations into behavioral breakthroughs. Use this link to receive your own customized course designed by psychologists, nutritionists, and physicians, 24/7 access to your own personal coach, and the first 2 weeks free + 50% off your subscription. Resources: Christine Hassler Christine Hassler Podcasts Including Coaches Corner Christine on Facebook Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler @ChristinHassler on Twitter @ChristineHassler on Instagram Assist@ChristineHassler.com University of Santa Monica Shift Your Health and Your Mindset ? A Coaches Corner with JJ Virgin
00:33:22 12/27/2017
Giovanni Marsico is the founder of Archangel - a community of superhero entrepreneurs, leaders and gamechangers that are making the world a better place through mission-driven entrepreneurship and philanthropy.   In this Coaches Corner we talk about the importance of finding your tribe or like-minded people ? especially if you are an introvert or feel like a "black sheep" in some way. Giovanni hosts his large-scale fundraiser in Toronto every September for thousands of entrepreneurs called Archangel Summit where all of the proceeds are used to support various charities and offer micro-loans to entrepreneurs creating positive impact.   He also runs a invitation-only, private community called Archangel Masters for highly successful entrepreneurs impacting the lives of millions of people. Learn more here: http://www.archangelsummit.com/
00:27:43 12/23/2017
The essence of today's episode is about breaking free of the roles we play in our families. Today's caller, Jenna, is not stepping into her potential ? specifically her financial potential ? because she is still playing the role in her family that she played as a child and teenager. She wants to make sure everyone else is okay and it is holding her back. [For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode119] Many of us deal with the same issue as we individuate and become adults. There is a certain way we fit into our family to get safety, security, and love. When we start to have success and abundance, there is a part of us that feels like we are unworthy or unsafe. This is what I call an Upper Limits problem. We often stop ourselves from moving forward because we are so concerned about what other people think. If you think your success comes at the risk of someone else not getting it, feeling small, or not understanding, you will keep getting in your own way. If you value fitting in and protecting your role over living your dreams, you may need to shift. Sometimes your very existence may trigger someone. If other people in your family are suffering that is their choice. If they are making choices that make them unhappy it is not your job to suffer with them. Break free of the role of carrying your family's burdens. Break free of trying to make everyone understand you. You cannot see your vision clearly or see your full potential clearly if you are watching and managing how people are reacting to what you are doing. Know that trying to make other people feel comfortable at the same time as living into your full potential is impossible. It is your job to fulfill your mission. If you resonated with this episode go back and listen to my coaching call #113 with Sarah about shining your light. BIG NEWS! I have four spaces open for my one-on-one coaching. If you want to uplevel your life and career email Jill@ChristineHassler.com to get an application. Consider/Ask Yourself: ? How are you getting in your own way? How are you sabotaging your own success, specifically financially? ? What role did you play in your family? What did you do to fit in, to please everyone else to keep yourself safe? ? How is that role potentially holding you back at this point in your life? ? Is there a part of you who is afraid to step into your full potential? Are you playing small because you don't want to make other people feel small? Jenna's Question: Jenna would like to become a bigger version of herself but feels something always pulls her back. She would like to uplevel her yoga business. Jenna's Key Insights and Ahas: ? She is keeping herself small to make other people comfortable. ? She was a caretaker in her family. ? She felt embarrassed by her ambitions. ? She didn't want to make others feel small. ? She feels successful even with financial challenges. ? It's okay for her to share herself with confidence even if it triggers other people. ? If she doesn't shift she may end up resenting people. How to Get Over It and On With It: ? She should write letters she doesn't intend to mail, to cut the energetic cords to family members. ? She should realize people are capable of handling their own experience. ? She should write down some new beliefs. ? She should turn her efforts inward to help her and her little girl make her dreams come true. Takeaways: ? Write a letter to the people you feel you will upset without mailing it. ? Visualize and practice yourself looking forward, not backward. ? Write a list of your competing intentions. Get fully aligned with the intentions that put you where you want to go and accept that you can't make everyone happy. ? Consider how the role you played in your family is impacting your life right now and journal your thoughts. What is your new role? Sponsor: THIRDLOVE ? What if you could take the away the hassle of bra shopping and find the perfect fitting bra in minutes? Take the fit finder quiz to find your perfect size, even if it's a half size. Use the link to try your new favorite bra free for 30-days. True Car ? Are you looking for a simpler buying experience when you buy a new or used car? True Car will help you feel confident you are paying the 'true' price when buying a new or used car. You can even see what others paid for their cars. Resources: Christine Hassler Christine Hassler Podcasts Including Coaches Corner Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler @ChristinHassler on Twitter @ChristineHassler on Instagram Assist@ChristineHassler.com
00:39:52 12/19/2017
If things have been intense for you lately, you are not alone. Many of us are dealing with intense challenges and expectation hangovers. This is NOT the time to spiritual bypass or jump to the silver lining. This IS the time to dive deep and explore what the Universe is teaching you or calling you toward.
Listen in as Christine talks about the intensity of this time and takes you through a guided meditation to deal with the uncertainty.
Here is interview with Paul Chek on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast: https://www.aubreymarcus.com/blogs/aubrey-marcus/paul-chek-amp-128
00:18:57 12/16/2017
This episode is about self-honoring choices, ultimatums, and jealousy in mother-daughter relationships. Todays caller, Kristin, is looking for guidance in how to proceed after her mother gave her an ultimatum. We also look at the compensatory strategies Kristin has adopted in an effort to deal with things from her childhood.

[For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode118]

What is a self-honoring choice? A self-honoring choice is an honest choice rooted in truth that comes from love. Kristin felt she was always in competition with her mother. She became a perfectionist as a compensatory strategy because she felt that she could only receive love if she was perfect. Through her growth work, she is starting to make self-honoring choices for herself.

What are you passionate about? What you are passionate about is often a tie into our spiritual curriculum and our parents are part of that curriculum. Remember, we choose our parents as our teachers. When our parents dont see us for who we truly are, it can seem cruel. But, part of our soul journey is to heal from past cruelty.

What do you long for from your parents?

Be sure to check out Coaches Corner. Last week I talked about ghosting and flaky behavior, the week before I interviewed Jill about selling skills and I even answer questions. So, if you have a question for me, email assist@ChristineHassler.com.

Consider/Ask Yourself:
Is there someone in your life you are not speaking to or have a strained relationship with?
If you grew up with two parents, was one more challenging for you to get along with or close to?
Do you tend to be attracted, date or marry people you feel you must earn their love?
Do you know what self-honoring choices are? If so, do you make them regularly?

Kristins Question:
Kristin would like to know how to approach her mother about a recent ultimatum.

Kristins Key Insights and Ahas:
She was in an abusive relationship.
She made a self-honoring choice.
She was always in competition with her mother.
Her mother was passive aggressive.
She yearned for attention from her mother.
Her parents had a horrible relationship.
Her existence triggers her mother.
She chose her mother.

How to Get Over It and On With It:
She should keep working on herself and stay strong to break the pattern of contorting herself to make her mother feel better.
She should realize her mom may not be able to face her issues.
She should continue making self-honoring choices.

Where are you not making self-honoring choices because you are trying too much to please people?
And, where are you not making self-honoring choices because you are trying to be the bigger person vs. speaking your truth?
Why did you pick your parents and what are they here to teach you?
Let go of who you want your parents to be. Accept the fact that if your mother or father truly saw what they needed to see about themselves in order to give you the apology you crave, it might break them.

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