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Over it and On With It. Master Coach Christine Hassler provides you with practical tools and spiritual principles to help you overcome whatever obstacles might be holding you back. Each episode, Christine coaches callers live on the air offering them inspiration and guidance to heal their past, change their present and create what they really want. Topics include: relationships, career, health, transitions, finances, life purpose, spirituality and whatever else callers have questions about. Christine coaches "regular people" on problems - and opportunities - we all face. It's a show that reminds you that you are not alone, while also teaching things you can implement in your own life.


CC: Your Messy Brilliance with Kelly McNelis

Christine speaks with Women For One Founder and author Kelly McNelis...Christine speaks with Women For One Founder and author Kelly McNelis about her new book Your Messy Brilliance. This is a must listen for all perfectionists and over-doers out there. Learn how to embrace ALL parts of you, even the messy ones, and live a more authentic life.
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34:09 11/18/2017

Past Episodes

This episode is about understanding the basis of relationships that feel like an addiction. Todays caller, Arelle, has some unresolved daddy issues which keep her latched on to a much older man.

[For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode114]

When we have a strong co-dependent relationship and it feels like an addiction or a drug it generally comes from a childhood wound. It is important, developmentally and psychologically, to have a healthy relationship with our parents. If we don't have a healthy relationship with our parents and as adults, we don't resolve our issues through inner work, therapy, coaching or spiritual practices, we go look for what we didnt get from our parents from the people we date. Often, it is our younger self who picks our relationships. Our survival instinct tells us that if our parents are not there for us we will die. This is why codependent relationships can feel like a death when we try to separate from them, it is because it is triggering the child in us to feel like they may not survive.

Arelles relationship issue was more about her father than it was about her guy. Arelle may not have fully grieved the relationship she didn't have with her father. She never received the validation and attention she wanted from her father so she is playing out the scenario with her guy.

If you relate to this on-again-off-again relationship, you have to choose to stop your relationship. Accept that it is not good for you and get out. A codependent, abusive, toxic relationship is not safe and its not what you want.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:
Are you in a relationship that some part of you knows is not good for you but you cant seem to permanently break it off?
Are you going through withdrawal because you recently ended a relationship and are tempted to rekindle it?
Did you lose a parent at a young age from death, divorce, or abandonment?
Do you find yourself looking for safety and security in someone else and identify with being a bit dependent or are do you provide that to someone else?

Arelles Question:
Arelle would like to end her codependent relationship but cant seem to stop going back to him.

Arelles Key Insights and Ahas:
Her father passed when she was young.
There is a significant age difference between her and the guy.
She has difficulty feeling safe.
She may have not completely dealt with her fathers death.
She has an eating disorder.
She has left her addiction six times.

How to Get Over It and On With It:
She should find a counselor who is able to connect her past relationships with her present relationships.
She should consider going cold turkey and not see or speak with her guy again.
She should research codependency support groups and see if there is one in her area.
She needs to be a grown up and set herself up for success.

Take off your rose-colored glasses. Make a list of the things that are true about your relationship and what you fantasize it to be.
Find a counselor or coach who will help you connect the dots. There is no shame in going to counseling.
If you are in an on-again-off-again relationship, turn it off. Do something that is good for you and end it for good.

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Christine Hassler
Christine Hassler Podcasts
Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler
@ChristinHassler on Twitter
@ChristineHassler on Instagram
36:33 11/15/2017
Its 11/11 do you know the significance of that number? Listen to find out!

In this Coaches Corner Christine also teaches the difference between a trigger or issue based choice and a preference. She empowers you to honor who you are and what you like and let go of FOMO.

She then shares some great take-aways from top speakers like Brene Brown, Jane Fonda, Shonda Rhimes and Marianne Williamson that she just heard speak at a big event.

Christine reveals one of her preferences when it comes to massive crowds and events that may help you feel more like yourself the next time you are in a social situation.
18:02 11/11/2017
This episode is about shining your light and stepping into your full potential. Todays caller, Sara, wants to break her pattern of self-sabotage, stop playing small and to live an abundant life.

[For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode113]

We dont just arrive at our full potential. We take steps to move into our full potential by not limiting ourselves, by sharing our gifts, by expressing ourselves authentically, and by going after what we truly want and not feeling any guilt or shame about it wanting it or having it. We fear success and are worried about what other people will think or feel, particularly leaving people behind, because we are growing at different rates. We doubt the goodness coming into our lives and we wait for the other shoe to drop. We end up sabotaging our health, wealth and relationships. But why?

Sara had a habit of creating intimacy through people needing her, through pleasing people or through having a problem or issue she could commiserate about. She would make herself small to create a bond or connection with someone else. I helped her realize what was the payoff of why she was scared to shine her light.

Consider/Ask Yourself:
Are you currently, or has there been a time in the past, where things start going great and you sabotage it?
Are you afraid of shining your light because of what other people might think or you may leave people behind?
Do you long to feel connected to people so much that you engage in people pleasing or caretaking just because you want to feel like you matter and you want to be connected?
Are you willing to admit that you live in a scarcity mindset instead of an abundant mindset?

Saras Question:
Sara would like to break her cycle of self-sabotage when it comes to her business and health.

Saras Key Insights and Ahas:
She fears she will be separate if she lets herself shine.
She may be addicted to suffering.
She is scared to disrupt the dynamic that creates intimacy.
She is afraid of how powerful she really is.
She grew up in a scarcity mindset.
She is trying to be in both scarcity and abundance.

How to Get Over It and On With It:
She needs a new picture of what success and health will look like for her.
She should shine brightly from her essence without comparing it to others.
She needs to shine so she can empower others to do the same.

If you are engaging in self-sabotaging behavior, determine what the payoff is. Write down a new way to get the same payoff. Reflect on any limited beliefs you may have inherited.
Think about people who are shining their light and how they inspire you. Get a new picture of what living into your new potential looks like.
Write down what your life would look like if you were shining brightly.

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Christine Hassler
Christine Hassler Podcasts
Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler
@ChristinHassler on Twitter
@ChristineHassler on Instagram
38:40 11/8/2017
Picture a time, maybe it is even now, when you have been preparing for something BIG like an interview, event, presentation, or the release of some creative endeavor. Now consider how much mental, physical, and emotional energy you put into it.

Was it a lot -perhaps too much? Did you find yourself stressing out about it?

On top of that did your perfectionist start to kick in like you kept tweaking and editing and trying to make it better?

Where is the line between healthy preparation and perfectionism/obsessing?

Thats exactly what Christine covers in this quickie episode of Coaches Corner.
11:58 11/4/2017
This episode is about acknowledging successes and how releasing emotional weight can help release physical weight. Todays caller, Lindsay, is continuing on her course to personal mastery but she feels stuck when it comes to her health and wellness.

[For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode112]

If you are wondering why is it so hard to implement personal growth efforts, its because neural pathways are created over time, especially when you have been doing things the same way for years. Simply being aware of something doesnt create change. Growth is a process, not an event.

And growth is part of being human. There is always more growing to do and with the right tools the easier it becomes. We have to stop approaching growth as a fix-it, self-improvement, something is wrong with me project. Its important to celebrate how much growth you have experienced and how far youve come towards personal mastery.

If you need emotional release, do the Temper Tantrum exercise in Expectation Hangover. As you work through the emotional residue you will need less and less of the emotional release work but It takes more than one time to deal with suppressed emotions.

Practice is the key to transformation.

Lindsays Question:
Lindsay has been successful in shifting many parts of her life but is still struggling with health and weight issues.

Lindsays Key Insights and Ahas:
She has shifted her relationship with herself.
She is on a strict food diet.
She has taken my Personal Mastery course.
She has an emotional relationship with junk food.
Her parents divorce may still be affecting her.
She feels not worthy.
She is going to get off the diet treadmill and get healthy.

How to Get Over It and On With It:
She should find a holistic nutritionist and learn what her body needs.
She should write an apology and a thank you letter to her body.
She should choose to be worthy.

Watch the Why You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Doing Everything Right, Why Willpower Isn't Enough When It Comes To Emotional Eating videos I did for FitLife.tv.
Write a letter to your body for how hard youve been on it and ask it what it needs.
Consider what you didnt get from a parent and start giving that to yourself.

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Christine Hassler
Christine Hassler Podcasts
Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler
@ChristinHassler on Twitter
@ChristineHassler on Instagram
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48:07 11/1/2017
Scott Stabile is the author of Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide Open Heart. His positive outlook and the inner and outer experiences he shares in Big Love offer striking examples of the power of love in action. Whether trying (as we all must) to silence shame, show up for friends, or overcome dreaded what-ifs, the hard-won insights that Scott shares are sure to help us do so with a renewed sense of love.

His inspirational posts and videos have attracted a huge and devoted social media following, including over 350K Facebook fans and counting. A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, he lives in Michigan and conducts personal empowerment workshops around the world. Visit him online at http://www.scottstabile.com.
39:23 10/28/2017
This episode is about making yourself a priority and living in the now. Todays caller, Montana, is wondering what she should do professionally. She is waiting for something to happen instead of making it happen for herself.

[For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode111]

We all have seasons in our lives. Our ability to travel to the past and the future in our minds may make us miss out on the present moment. When we are constantly thinking about what is next, we forget about what is now.

When our minds are in the future we are not honoring the season of the life we are in. Consider what season you are in. Are you honoring that season? When you take the time to honor the current season it is easier to leverage the learning opportunities and you will have a greater appreciation for the next season you are in.

Montana found it hard to make a clear choice because she has a fierce inner critic. Often times, clarity comes when we stop thinking about something or we get curious and try different things to get feedback.

Would you like to be coached on this show? E-mail assist@ChristineHassler.com.

Montanas Question:
Montana would like help navigating through her confidence issues with regards to her professional life.

Montanas Key Insights and Ahas:
She will be spending the coming year at home with her child.
She longs to have a passion for what she is doing.
She feels like she always has to have it all together.
She was criticized instead of encouraged when she was younger.
She equated love with validation.
She should be grateful for where she is right now.

How to Get Over It and On With It:
She should accept the season of life she is in.
She should feel proud of herself and not make her self-love conditional.
Every night she should write down three things she is proud of herself for.
She should be curious about career possibilities.

If you are self-critical or had an overly critical parent, or parents, you need to reinforce the feeling of pride within yourself. Every night write three things you are proud of yourself for.
If you are confused about what to do professionally, reach out to people and request an informational interview.
Consider taking the What Do I Want To Do with My Life career course.
Enjoy the season you are in and live in the now!

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Christine Hassler
Christine Hassler Podcasts
Expectation Hangover, by Christine Hassler
@ChristinHassler on Twitter
@ChristineHassler on Instagram
Coaches Corner Decision-Making Tips
36:05 10/25/2017
In this episode of Coach's Corner Christine give you some tips on how to make a decision. So many of us hang out in limbo WAY too long when it comes to making a choice - and limbo is hell. Listen in for some advice on how to make a self-honoring choice and get two really powerful exercises you can do to get clarity about a current decision that you may be struggling with.
14:18 10/21/2017
This episode is about health and well-being. Todays caller, Tiffany, is a month away from having surgery and would like to understand what her body is attempting to teach her.

[For show notes go here: Christinehassler.com/episode110]

Having a physical ailment caused Tiffany to be more vulnerable and to reach out to more people. Our bodies need to know we got the message and that we have a plan of forgiveness and healing. The body will then know it doesnt need to alert us by way of physical symptoms anymore.

I hope after this call you can see the power and the wisdom our body has for us. And how physical symptoms, ailments, or diseases often have emotional roots with powerful messages. However, I do not want to plant the seed that we cause our own health conditions. You dont have a physical condition because you did something wrong. If you are suffering from something, be open to looking at the cause or the message without going into a cycle of self-blame.

I will delve more into this topic with Brandy Gilmore on an upcoming Coaches Corner. She has taught me a lot about how our thoughts and feelings show up physically.

If you need a strategy to remove your internal blocks and turn your struggles into your superpowers, join me for my Over and On With It Personal Mastery 7-week online course. Enrollees get videos, guided meditations, personal guidance, and more. Plus, graduates of my Personal Mastery course receive a ticket to a one-day retreat in San Diego. Email Jill@christinehassler.com to register. Sign up ends on October 19, 2017.

Consider/Ask Yourself:
Are you or have you dealt with a physical condition or pain?
When it comes to physical ailments how do you deal with it?
Do you have a chronic physical condition you cant get to the bottom of? Have you considered exploring the emotional or psychological roots of it?
Are you harboring heartache? Is there someone or something you have not forgiven?

Tiffanys Question:
Tiffany is wondering about the significance and the lesson of her upcoming surgery.

Tiffanys Key Insights and Ahas:
She is experiencing a lot of internal changes.
She believes her physical ailment could be caused by her emotional past.
Its time for her to find her guide.
She needs to forgive herself for past judgments.
She may have hidden behind her ailment.

How to Get Over It and On With It:
She should write down her gratitude towards the fibroid and write down her agreements to herself to let it go.
She needs to find someone to guide her before her surgery.
She should do the exercises from the Emotional section of Expectation Hangover.
She should let her feelings drain away through a comforting bath.

If you have any pain, disease, or physical ailment try having a dialogue with it to see what the message is.
If you are harboring emotion, resentment, or old heartbreak, it is time to get it up and out. Often, those emotions turn into physical symptoms.
Join my Personal Mastery course to learn how to let go of any emotional baggage you have been carrying around.
Make agreements with your body and stick to those agreements.
Perform rituals to assist your unconscious mind to let go.

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Christine Hassler
Christine Hassler Podcasts
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@ChristineHassler on Instagram
2018 Bali Retreat Wait List Email Jill
Personal Mastery 7-Week Course - Enrollment ends October 19, 2017
42:55 10/18/2017

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