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We are reclaiming what it means to be a man. Each week we interview the world's most successful men on the planet - elite athletes, warriors, New York Times Bestselling Authors, and world-class entrepreneurs - extract their hard-fought lessons and experiences and deliver them straight to you. Past guests include Jocko Willink, Tim Kennedy, Andy Frisella, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone, Ryan Holiday, Ben Greenfield, Rich Roll, and so many more. If you're ready to level up your life as a man, this is the show for you.


FFN 061: The Moment of Truth

We refer to the "moment of truth" as the moment we actually find out...We refer to the "moment of truth" as the moment we actually find out if something is going to work or not. Today, I want to talk with you about the faulty premise in that line of thinking. I realize it's just a phrase but I was having a conversation with my neighbor the other day about a project he was working on and he didn't know if it was going to work until he got to the last step. I do know that sometimes, there's just no way of knowing whether or not something is going to work out or not until we try it but I also know there are a lot of things we can, and should, know ahead of time. I mean, why invest huge amounts of time, energy, money, and other resources into something if you have no idea whether it's going to work out or not? www.orderofman.com/FFN061 www.orderofman.com    Show More

10:03 6/23/2017

Past Episodes

If you're anything like me, connecting with you kids can be a real challenge. You know it's important. You want to connect with them. But, the grind of everyday life and providing for your family and wearing all the "hats" we as men are required to wear can come at a cost. Today my guest, Jim Sheils, joins us to talk about why we succeed in business but fail in the family, the entrepreneurial lie, how to create moments with your children, implementing what he calls "rhythms" into your life, and how to finally connect with you kids. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/118 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:50 6/20/2017
Through thousands of hours of work, reading, and personal observation I've discoverd that there are four domains of manliness that I believe every single man must address in order to become the best possible version of himself. So, I thought it would be a good idea to break down those four domains a bit more and share with you some of what I've learned over the last two years. www.orderofman.com/FFN060 www.orderofman.com
09:12 6/16/2017
I've never met a man who did not have a dream or, at a minimum, and idea for what his future holds. That said, I've met plenty of men who died with that dream still inside them. There's a lot of reason for this. And, whether it's fear or a lack of understanding what it will take to make your dream a reality, you owe it to yourself and the world to pursue it. My guest today, Dale Partridge, shares with us how to find that passion, how identify problems worth solving, a 3-part formula for creating workable solutions, and how to turn your passion into your profession. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/117 Website: http://orderofman.com
40:00 6/13/2017
There seems to be a lot of men these days that have either forgotten what it means to be a man in the home or never learned the skills to step up fully as the king of the castle. I look around and I see the pain in men's eyes. And, if it's not pain, it's death. There are millions of men walking around like lifeless, soulless zombies. And, the repercussions of that is at best a meaningless life and, at worst, infidelity issues, addiction to drugs, alcohol, and pornography, and, in many case, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. While everyone out there is trying to change the world, solve world hunger, bring about world peace, and doing it at a global scale, I'm here to tell you that the way we change the world by equipping men with the tools and skills to lead their own kingdoms. And that means we start by going into the most basic unit in society, the family. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN059 http://www.orderofman.com
11:05 6/9/2017
The term "personal brand" has become such a buzz word these days but, the fact remains, that the ability to accurate reflect who you are to the world has become more important than it ever has. Whether you're starting a new business, interviewing for a job, vying for a job promotion, or are in the dating scene, understanding personal branding will go a long way towards helping you get what you want. My guest, Kolby Kay, talks about setting yourself apart, the core elements to be aware of, where to start when it comes to building your platform, and how create a strong personal brand. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/116 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:25 6/6/2017
Whether you use official Field Notes or another journal, notepad, or an app, tracking and journaling your thoughts is a critical excercise for effectiveness and efficiency. Here's why it's important you do and some tips for journaling your ideas. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN058 http://www.orderofman.com
10:20 6/2/2017
Let's face it, relationships tend to lose their luster after a while. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that has to be the case. In fact, most relationships and marriages can keep the spark alive for a lifetime, as my guest today points out. Sarah Jones is back by popular demand to teach us how to re-kindle that spark, keep things fresh, add variety into the relationship, how to encourage your partner to try new things, and how to keep the fire alive. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/115 Website: http://orderofman.com
38:00 5/30/2017
There's only one thing worse than a strikeout - striking out looking. And yet, most of us continue to let opportunities pass us by without taking a hack at them because we're either unprepared or afraid. Never strikeout looking. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN057 http://www.orderofman.com
09:36 5/26/2017
As a member of the CIA annex security team that responded to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, September 11th, 2012, Kris "Tanto" Paronto (@krisparonto) assisted in saving over 20 lives while fighting off terrorists from the CIA Annex for over 13 hours. His story, along with his five surviving annex security team members, is told in the book "13 Hours" written by Mitchell Zuckoff. When you hear the words, "Benghazi, Libya" you might think of that book, and subsequent movie, 13 hours. You might think of the terrorist attack, the death of a US Ambassador Stevens, and the coverup that followed. Today Kris joins me to talk about what really happened that night, the importance of living your life to a code, how to incorporate "Battle Rhythms" into your life, why every man must choose the "hard right" over the "easy wrong", and how we can all live The Ranger Way. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/114 Website: http://orderofman.com
43:15 5/23/2017

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