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Mind Full is an open, honest and entertaining discussion about mental & physical health, hosted by author, runner and baseball wife Alisha Perkins, and MyTalk 107.1 radio personality Colleen Lindstrom.


S4, E6: Corey Hirsch

Alisha and Colleen talk to former NHL hockey player, Corey Hirsch about...Alisha and Colleen talk to former NHL hockey player, Corey Hirsch about his struggle with OCD that ultimately lead him to have some bushes with suicide at the heart of his career, and his journey back to health.   Show More


Past Episodes

Alisha and Colleen talk to former news anchor and current speaking coach, Stephanie Goetz about her personal connection to mental health struggles, and how her speaking business helps her cope.
Alisha and Colleen talk to writer, radio, and podcast personality John Moe about his thoughts on comedy as it pertains to mental illness and depression.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Author Kara Douglass Thom. She wrote Life as a Fit Mom and is the author of the Go! Go! Sports Girls series.
Alisha and Colleen talk to musician Luke Spehar about how music helps to deal with the pain of life.
Alisha and Colleen kick of Season FOUR of the Mind Full Podcast with a talk with Olympian Carrie Tollefsen about her journey with running.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Jude. A young man who nearly took his own life. He was helped by the experts at Prairie Care, and now joins Alisha and Colleen to share his personal and very inspirational story. You don't want to miss this amazing conversation with this amazing young man.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Todd Archbold from Prairie Care about the strides that Prairie Care has made locally in the treatment of mental illness. Alisha also shares the story of an ambitious trip gone awry.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Liv Lane about her personal journey through PTSD following the birth of her firstborn. Liv talks sets straight some misconceptions about PTSD, and discusses how she began putting the pieces back together after learning that she was suffering from this misunderstood disorder.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Dave Berg, a friend of Alisha's who though once quite active, suffered a stroke, and he talks to Alisha and Colleen about his struggle to get back to his new normal following this traumatic brain event.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Charlie Engle, author of the book Running Man about his struggle with addiction and learning that running is essential to his sobriety.
Alisha and Colleen talk to each other about WHATEVER WE WANT! Seriously, you probably want to check this one out, because this is Alisha and Colleen in their true, messy habitat!
Alisha and Colleen talk to Ben Utecht about life after multiple concussions. How he copes with a brain injury, and his new book, "Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away."
Alisha and Colleen talk to Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern about his journey to and through recovery.
Alisha and Colleen spend this episode talking about running, and life, and life and running, and then they answer YOUR questions!
Alisha and Colleen and their buddy Phil Mackey share a window to their souls in the form of their workout playlists. Get some new ideas, and laugh along as these three dissect each other's musical choices.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Elizabeth Clor, author and runner, who tells of her journey to qualify for Boston after realizing that she was getting in her own way. What do you do when anxiety and mental blocks prevent you from achieving your goals. Elizabeth shares her story.
Alisha and Colleen talk to their wonderful friend Johnna Mitich who struggled with and is in recovery for a severe eating disorder. Johnna candidly shares her story of climbing back out from a dark place. TRIGGER WARNING: Johnna is very open and honest about her experience in this battle. We are thankful for that, and want you to be aware of the candid nature of this conversation about eating disorders.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Star Tribune writer, Michael Rand who shares his story of receiving an MS diagnosis. And inspiring conversation with an inspiring person who shares how running helps him through this health struggle.
Alisha and Colleen talk to 1500 ESPN's Phil Mackey about his family history and his quest to become more mindful. Alisha and Colleen also discuss why Colleen doesn't like to run with people, and what Alisha's fantastic party trick is... or used to be.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Glen Perkins about what life is like when your wife struggles with anxiety, and you don't always understand what's going on. But before that, Colleen and Alisha catch up after a summer off.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Olympic Athlete, Suzy Favor Hamilton about her book "Fast Girl." The book is the incredible and true story about Hamilton's struggle with mental illness and how her undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder resulted in a turn as a high priced Vegas Call girl, and how she got her diagnosis, and got herself back on track.
On this week's episode of Mind Full, Alisha and Colleen talk with Julie Burton, author of the Self Care Solution. Julie focuses on mothers' tendencies to put themselves on the back-burner, and how to be more mindful of putting yourself on the front burner.
On this week's episode of Mind Full, Alisha and Colleen talk with therapist Crystal Clancy about postpartum depression and mood disorders. Alisha and Colleen share a little about how their anxiety became more prevalent after the birth of their own children.
Alisha and Colleen talk to KARE 11's Bryan Piatt. Bryan also struggles with anxiety and life in the public eye. Hear what coping mechanisms Bryan uses, and what it's like to struggle with anxiety when all eyes are on you.
With all the recent talk of mental illness in the media, Alisha and Colleen decided to ask Sue Abderholden, the Executive Director of NAMI (National Association on Mental Illness) Minnesota to come on and talk about the portrayal and misconceptions of Mental Illness in the media.
Alisha and Colleen talk to author Caleb Daniloff about his wonderful memoir "Running Ransom Road" and his book about and involvement in "The November Project." Caleb speaks candidly about his journey through addiction and recovery with the assistance of running.
On Episode 2 of the Mind Full podcast, Alisha and Colleen had a little scheduling change of plans, so they decided to spend a little time introducing themselves, and talking about their own struggles with anxiety and mental health issues. Hear a little about Alisha's book, "Running Home," and Colleen's most recent anxiety involving air travel.
On the debut episode of Mind Full, Alisha Perkins and Colleen Lindstrom talk about the stigma that goes along with mental health, and have a candid conversation with TV meteorologist Ken Barlow about his personal journey and diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

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