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Cold Like Minnesota Featuring Rone

Philadelphia Eagles fan Adam "Rone" Ferrone joins the program to discuss his curse on the Patriots and how well that's working out for him at the moment, why the city of Philadelphia is embracing Kobe Bryant, and what his confidence level is heading into the "Big game." Zion Williamson chose Duke, which is briefly discussed in the middle of it all before we get to the important things in life: Tyler started a new, widely popular television series. Also, boy oh boy do the Cavaliers stink out loud.
01:43:01 1/22/2018

Past Episodes

Uncle Chaps joins the first 15 minutes of the program to discuss his Jaguars and defend his Simpsons slander before Dave rudely bursts into the studio to steal our handsome pal away. Then, it's on to the new version of the NBA, the one where everyone hates each other, the one where Arron Afflalo can't stop swinging on fools, the one with secret underground tunnels, the one where James Harden hires a hitman to get Austin Rivers up outta here once and for all, the one where the Cavaliers hate themselves.
01:48:06 1/17/2018
Karl-Anthony Towns, Jr. and Kristaps Porzingis squared off yet again last week and boy oh boy are Tyler and Coley here to talk about the transpirings of that game. Would be a real shame if facts and logic seeped their way into this conversation. But before all that, internet rapping sensation Rone barges into the room to defend Jerry Rice and break down Markelle Fultz' very broken jumper.
02:21:26 1/15/2018
LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball made their Lithuanian debut to a smashing success and the LaVar haters and doubters are still very much out here. Somehow some way they hate, yet LaVar rises like the viewers on his Facebook lives. Oh well, they'll see one day that they were on the wrong side of history. Kris Dunn, Trae Young, and heating up pizza in the microwave vs. the oven are discussed heavily in detail before Withers and the Mick Man reveal their top five funniest people of all time lists.
02:40:33 1/10/2018
LaVar Ball wants Luke Walton outta there, and Lonzo doesn't exactly disagree. Karl-Anthony Towns may have fixed his defense and the haters and losers, of which there are many, are besides themselves. Also, our close personal friend Nathan Peterman capped off the Bills season with an electric three plays that Withers and the Mick Man simply HAD to break down. Finaly, the boys reveal #s 15-6 of their funniest people of all time. We would have given the entire lists today but we ran out of time because it's the real world Peter Pan and shit happens sometimes. So, Thursday you'll get the rest of the list. And you'll like it. And maybe you'll have the feeling of disagreeing with it. And if you get that feeling, have it over there where we can't see it. Thank you and good night.
01:16:20 1/8/2018
The Cleveland Browns of the NBA, the Sacramento Kings, continue to have no idea what they're doing. The Oklahoma City Thunder have figured out what they're doing, and yet Paul George STILL wants to be a Laker. Why are the Hornets ungood? Is it Dwight's fault? It's probably Dwight's fault. Should the Hornets trade Dwight to Milwaukee? Maybe, who are we to say? Also, Gallagher was really fucking famous for a really long time and that's super fucked up.
02:21:43 1/4/2018
Dave Chappelle is back and so are we to discuss the most prolific, problematic comedian in the game today according to the internet. After that, some basketball talk? No, it couldn't be. On this show? Would be a real shame if Coley and Tyler talked about Trae Young, Deandre Ayton, Michael Porter Jr., Karl-Anthony Towns, Marcus Smart, James Harden, Rajon Rondo, and the lowly Los Angeles Lakers. A real shame. Oh yeah, "Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho," is reviewed before Tyler breaks down Season 7 of "Game of Thrones." Welcome back, America.
02:24:25 1/2/2018
Robbie Fox joins Tyler and Coley to discuss the best of the year encompassing all things music, movies, television and pop culture. Who won 2017? What was the best chune? What cereal rose above the competition to be the most scrumtrulescent of them all? All this and much, much more on the final Mickstape of 2017.
02:31:45 12/27/2017
Rone, of the hit podcast "Young and Happy" and the popular Snapchat show "5th Year," breaks down the door of the recording studio to defend the honor of Kobe Bean Bryant after Tuesdays slander infused episode. The Philadelphia 76ers blogger goes on to make some points, all of which are heavily disputed by Coley and Tyler. After that, Trae Young remains the best player on the planet, LaVar Ball starts up his own League, and someone needs to return Charlie Villanueva's toilet back immediately. And oh yeah,,, Tyler finished Season 6 of Game of Thrones.
01:49:20 12/21/2017
The Lakers retired two numbers for Kobe Bryant last night, so we decided it would only be fair to roast that doberman pincher faced bum for approximately 40 minutes or so because we can and it would be nothing more than propaganda if the entire day was just one long jerk fest of the guy who literally tried to force his way to the pre-Blake Griffin Clippers just because he was having one of his many temper tantrums. The at best 17th greatest player of all time (at the time of his retirement) was celebrated across the web yesterday and frankly it made us sick, so kindly join us for the other side of the tale. The right side of history. I'm labeling this "The Kobe Bryant Slander Appreciation Hour #1" because I can only assume this is the first of many times we do something like this. Feels like a great time to remind everyone that we are not, I repeat NOT, here to argue. Thank you.
01:44:43 12/18/2017
Joel Embiid lightly sauteed Karl-Anthony Towns while Kristaps Porzingis made history with Jenn Selter watching in the crowd. Has Tyler bought into Oklahoma's Trae Young yet, is the Bahamas the newest hot spot of top talent, should Ayton be the consensus top overall prospect for the upcoming draft, are there any small forwards coming into the league next year, how is it humanly possible that Kawhi Leonard still has more career steals than he does fouls? No seriously, he has more steals than he's committed fouls. How? How is that possible? It doesn't make any sense.
01:36:01 12/13/2017

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