Metaphysical Meltdown

Tune in each week to hear, Mari Beckman, host of Metaphysical Meltdown, as she takes you down a fascinating journey into the psychic and spiritual world.


Metaphysical Meltdown

Metaphysical Meltdown 01 - 30 - 19 Guests- Musicans - Thom Beckman, Nick Pollock

The Rock N Roll show with guests- Musicians - Thom Beckman from Sam Cobra and Nick Pollock from The National Guard
00:00:00 1/30/2019

Past Episodes
00:54:38 1/16/2019
Chemical free beekeeper Derek Condit! He uses the mineral shungite to prevent colony collapse disorder by blocking the frequencies that harm bees. He produces health and beauty products with shungite honey AND he is an accurate psychic.
00:54:49 1/2/2019
Guest: Grace Sequoia, the Wild Dryad, Grace is a healer, esoteric tarot reader and teacher. She will tell us how to connect with earth to heal, expand and raise consciousness together.
00:54:56 12/19/2018

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