KMA 628 is the official podcast of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Join hosts Norm Pattiz, Reserve News Room Unit, and Mike Leum, Assistant Director of the Reserve Forces Bureau, as they provide a unique, inside view of law enforcement from the perspective of the nation's largest sheriff's department.


KMA 628: The Sheriff's Communications Center

KMA 628 welcomes Captain Eliezer Vera, and Public Response Dispatcher...KMA 628 welcomes Captain Eliezer Vera, and Public Response Dispatcher Specialists Denise Motoyasu & Carlos Hernandez of the Sheriff's Communications Center (SCC), who discuss the rigorous training dispatchers go through, how duties impact family life, and they highlight the effects that deputy involved shootings have on dispatchers.   Show More

48:39 6/27/2017

Past Episodes

KMA 628 welcomes Captain Carlos Marquez, Lieutenant Robert Peacock, Sergeant Marvin Jaramilla, & Detectives Terry Johnson & Timothy Abrahams of the Special Victims Bureau, who discuss the spectrum of cases handled by the Special Victims Bureau, extensive training members of the SVB go through, and they talk about the impact social media has on cases.
45:49 3/14/2017
KMA 628 welcomes Lieutenant Kent Wegener & Detective Steve French of the Human Trafficking Bureau, who discuss the scope of what the Human Trafficking Bureau get involved with, how they enforce human trafficking laws, and they talk about the role the internet plays in 'sextortion' cases.
00:54:25 2/24/2017
KMA 628 welcomes Deputy Leatherman to talk about gun safety including home and car storage, best practices where kids are concerned, and the new rules and regulations that just took effect. He's also discussing the benefits of competitive shooting.
00:46:02 12/15/2016
KMA628 welcomes members from the Emergency Operations Bureau's planning unit: Captain Leonard McCray, Lieutenant Charles Norris, and Sergeant DeMarcus Smith, who discuss how they pay tribute the fallen heroes of law enforcement, and offer support to both the families and the community.
00:38:32 11/4/2016
Reserve Captain Norm Pattiz and co-host, Josh Dimen welcome Detective Wayne Carpini and his K9 partner, Johnny Ringo, and Sheriff Deputy Dave Vasquez - to discuss the use of K9s in the sheriff department. Find out what makes a good K9 unit dog, the training they undergo, their duties, and the difference between a bomb-sniffing dog and chem-bio trained dog.
00:38:32 10/6/2016
Meet Sheriff Reserve Unit 238! Reserve Captain Norm Pattiz, Joshua Ditman, Gregory Ochotorena, and Zohreh Mizrahi.
00:32:52 8/23/2016
KMA-628 special guest host Larry King welcomes Captain of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Special Enforcement Bureau, Jack Ewell, Commander John Stedman who oversees the Special Operations Division, and Intelligence Manager Cynthia Gatiglio of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau to discuss the role and importance of the LASD Special Operations Division aka SWAT, and what it takes to become a member of this elite law enforcement group.
00:16:26 5/13/2016
How do the police police themselves? For the first time, KMA-628 special guest host Larry King interviews the Chief of Internal Affairs Karyn Mannis, and Captain of Internal Criminal Investigations Donnie Mauldin on maintaining the integrity of investigations and holding up professional standards of the second largest policing agency in the nation.
00:16:26 5/12/2016
KMA-628 special guest host Larry King sits down with Diana Teran, Mark Smith, and Eddie Rivero to explore how LASD is moving forward with experts in constitutional policing and how this adds to public and deputy safety.
00:19:55 5/11/2016

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