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OTV w Kaitlyn Bristowe - Ep 2

Kaitlyn makes the mistake of inviting her bestie Bri Cook to answer listener questions to the best of their abilities, but Bri brings up some serious behind-the-scenes dirt on Kaitlyn!

02:13 6/6/2017

Past Episodes

Is going vegan the most healthy and ethical thing to do? Is PETA really a terrorist organization, guilty of killing thousands of animals? Davids dogmatic meat-eating is put front and center in the face of science, and PETA answers its critics and accusers.
02:44 6/6/2017
Actor Kevin Bacon talks about his new Amazon show, "I Love Dick", his historic career, some of his favorite memories, and being part of a multi talented family.
01:26 5/29/2017
Roger Clinton meets up with Heather in the studio to talk about the trials of being a single father to his literal model son, overcoming addiction, and branching out as both a musician and the brother of the President of the United States.
02:59 5/19/2017
Liz Dolan, Satellite Sister and former CMO of NIKE and OWN channel, chats with Denise about how unconscious gender bias led to Liz's noisy resignation from Quiksilver's board, why we need to #getmessy and how to live an unimaginable life without your cell phone.
02:19 5/17/2017
A-List Actor, Producer, Writer Bryan Cranston stops by to chat about his odd career-path on and off the stage, while providing the world with a new PodcastOne jingle.
03:07 5/17/2017
Shaq discusses where LeBron stands compared to other NBA legends, plus Big 3 Basketball with Commissioner Amy Trask joins the show.
01:23 5/15/2017
Veep Star Julia Louis Dreyfus joins Norman in the studio to discuss life, liberty and the pursuit of laughter.
02:00 5/15/2017
The doctor is in! Dr. Terry Dubrow joins Heather in the studio to give the listeners of her show a special preview of their PodcastOne show "Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig," available every Tuesday, where they answer all your questions about health, wellness and beauty.
02:53 5/12/2017
Jo Piazza, author of How to Be Married, and Denise talk about how French women keep things exciting, how to maintain your individuality while tackling life with a partner and what Jo did when she got laid off via a text message while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.
02:41 5/10/2017


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