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Jubal's Phone Taps

Phone Tap PODCAST: Full Bus Moon

A girl was DARED to moon a school bus full of children during a bachelorette party... So Jubal calls her posing as a police officer and is ready bring this serial moon-er to justice. Listen to the PHONE TAP.
00:03:54 9/18/2019

Past Episodes

Everyone's favorite...Kyler!! Today he NEEDS to call a woman, who his mom has just recently hired to babysit him, because guess what... he's seven now and don't need no babysitter! This brace-face, potty mouth, man-child seven year old just needs to explain that he is a grown up!
00:04:58 9/17/2019
00:05:11 9/11/2019
Jubal calls a woman about some STRANGE charges that have been put on her husband's credit card... Maybe somebody can tell him what "Rubber Swim Mittens" are and WHY her husband needs them. Listen to the PODCAST. (Image Courtesy: UrbaneWomenMag. Creative Commons)
00:04:23 9/9/2019
In today's phone tap there is a serious financial issue to handle! A young lady's bank accounts have been hacked... and luckily for her Jubal will be calling to help her out. Except there is one thing... Jubal isn't that serious. In fact, there is only ONE THING in the whole wide world he is serious about... Listen to the podcast below to find out what it is!
00:04:43 9/6/2019
Jubal poses as a doctor to tell a guy about the gender of his first child... but the guy REALLY MAD when Jubal tries to tell him what he found on the sonogram. Listen to the PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: Marcus Bradbury. Creative Commons)
00:04:07 8/29/2019
A guy asked Jubal to PHONE TAP his nagging wife... You know how much Jubal loves to make women angry! Listen to the PODCAST. (Image Courtesy: Frank V. Creative Commons)
00:04:19 8/23/2019
Jubal has his shovel ready, now he just needs to get his stuff... and it's buried in this guy's backyard. Hear what happens when Jubal says he's coming over to dig it up in the PHONE TAP! (Image Courtesy: San Diego Shooter.
00:04:17 8/22/2019
Today, Jubal has a real eerie feeling that someone in his house is watching him... and he's pretty sure he knows who it is! So he calls a paranormal expert because he needs some real help, but for some reason this expert doesn't take Jubal seriously...
00:04:39 8/12/2019

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