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It's All Journalism is a weekly podcast about the changing state of digital media. Producers Michael O'Connell and Nicole Ogrysko interview working journalists about how they do their jobs. They also discuss the latest trends in journalism and how they impact our democratic society.


#302 ? Do give a damn about your reputation

Carey Hennigar, Global VP, Risk & Reputation at Storyful,  joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss the ever-changing and confusing world of protecting and building brand reputations. 
00:32:26 4/18/2018

Past Episodes

For this week's milestone podcast, producer Michael O'Connell brings back Amy Webb from The Future Today Institute, to talk about her vision for tools that would help media outlets gain trust with "radical transparency" in the shape of a badge verifying the pedigree of an article. 
00:42:59 4/11/2018
The District of Columbia's rich landscape of podcasting was on display Thursday, April 5, as It's All Journalism host Michael O'Connell joined Mary Nichols of the FuseBox Radio Broadcast and Alicia Montgomery of NPR's Morning Edition and Code Switch, for a panel on podcasting. HumanitiesDC, which aims to enrich people's lives through the humanities and grants, hosted he event at Busboys and Poets. Jill Olmsted, a broadcasting professor at American University, served as the panel's moderator.
00:54:44 4/5/2018
Ed Madison, an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Oregon and author of a new book, Reimagining journalism in a post-truth world: How late-night comedians, internet trolls, and savvy reporters are transforming news, joins producer Michael O'Connell to explain why terms like "fake news" aren't worth acknowledging and how writing cue cards for Mike Douglas made him a better producer. 
00:29:20 3/28/2018
Melissa Segura, a Polk Award-winning journalist with BuzzFeed, joins Michael O'Connell to discuss her journey from unwitting sports nerd with an interest in writing deep, human stories to shining a bright light on a dirty Chicago detective in the name of righting several decades' worth of wrongs. 
00:43:47 3/21/2018
Richard Davies, a self-proclaimed news junkie who started on the path to a career in journalism at the ripe old age of 9, joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss his days as a broadcaster with ABC News, the stories that have stayed with him and why he's enjoying the "Wild Wild West" feel of podcasts with the How Do We Fix It? podcast.
00:38:54 3/14/2018
Visual storyteller and cinematic journalism expert David Dunkley Gyimah joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss how video journalism has changed, and stayed the same, since its inception in the 1950s. 
00:48:27 3/7/2018
Tim Graham, an NFL writer for the Buffalo News for the better part of two decades, joins producer Michael O'Connell to talk about the highs and lows of covering a city whose teams are better known for losing than winning and why, in the big picture, the W/L column is secondary to everything off the playing field.
00:32:44 2/28/2018
Ralph Engelman, a senior professor of journalism at Long Island University Brooklyn and co-administrator of the George Polk Awards, joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss this year's award winners, including three first-time awards for digital outlets, and why newspapers need to reconsider the importance of investigative journalism. 
00:20:17 2/21/2018
Meghan Murphy, the Online News Association's community manager, joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss new training opportunities developed and offered by ONA to help journalists learn skills to keep up in the ever-changing industry. 
00:24:24 2/14/2018
On this week's It's All Journalism podcast, Producer Michael O'Connell travels to DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, to talk about podcasting. In a live podcast recording, he asks a room full of college students how they get their news. It's a fascinating peek how young people consume their news.
00:40:37 2/7/2018
Nigel Poor, co-host, co-producer and co-founder of the Ear Hustle podcast, joins Michael O'Connell and Nicole Ogrysko to provide an update on the surprising to her! success of the podcast, believed to be the first one ever wholly produced from inside a prison.
00:30:07 2/1/2018
Charlet Duboc, a correspondent and documentary producer for VICE, talks with producer Michael O'Connell about her obsession with American culture, her adventures in fashion reporting and a recent trip to North Korea during which one of the most controlled nations in the world felt at once too familiar and alien.
00:40:20 1/25/2018
Graphic designer and illustrator David Plunkert joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss his view that designers are visual communicators who need to convey ideas and stories in a single piece of work and how it's the little details that can make a powerful statement.
00:19:25 1/18/2018
Erin Harper, a multimedia producer at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss how her journalism and newsroom skills are helping to tell important stories at one of D.C.'s most powerful institutions.
00:23:35 1/11/2018

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