Hey Frase is a combination of Howard Stern meets Oprah. Host Sarah Fraser is a Washington, DC media personality who left radio to pursue her passion of doing a show that is anything goes to entertain and inspire. Hey Frase is a funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based podcast. Recorded regularly at The DC Improv Comedy Club.


Hey Frase 179

Sarah and Paul discuss how to handle listener feedback that implied there's a power struggle going at the Hey Frase Podcast! This is the number one question that women ask at wax salon and it will SHOCK you! Sarah is having baby fever, and Paul shares the most HILARIOUS catfishing story! Plus we weigh in on Tom Brady, Huma Abedin, and the women who got men to send her $5 on Tinder.
01:16:45 3/29/2017

Past Episodes

Sarah and Paul discuss Tomi Lahren and why Sarah thinks its ridiculous Tomis show is suspended. Hey Frase listener Danielle Burns guest hosts the show. The 4 common habits people think are polite but they're really rude, and the show takes a left turn when Paul decides to share some personal news about the first love of his life. The Hey Frase show is anything goes to entertain and inspire!
01:22:09 3/22/2017
Sarah discusses her decision to get botox, lip injections, and a chemical peel. She's wondering if she can be mindful and body positive while still getting cosmetic procedures? Paul Wharton was 'drunk' with power at a Vanessa Williams concert. The first ever tri-custody agreement, how to survive being swarmed by ATV's and motorcycles on a highway, and will you watch the Mischa Barton sex tape?
01:24:03 3/15/2017
Sarah and Paul think this is their best show YET! Sarah's IUD is stuck in her cervix, could she be pregnant? Paul met a listener who wonders if Sarah's relationship is keeping her censored. You have 3 true loves in your lifetime, plus Sarah and Paul weigh in on #adaywithoutwomen
01:14:40 3/8/2017
Paul Wharton co-hosts! Sarah's boyfriend refused to do this with a listener after the live show on Friday night...did he hurt Sarah's career? We want to hear your crazy harassment and sexual harassment stories email: sarah@heyfrase.com. Plus, why DC millennials can't wait to leave the area and this app allows your boss to monitor your bathroom breaks.
01:04:09 3/1/2017
WORST trend ever! People are eating oranges in the shower so they don't get their hands sticky, Sarah and co-host Paul Wharton share their thoughts on milo yiannopoulos's fall from grace, sexism at Uber, and the best way to end your email if you want a response back. Plus, Sarah is realizing she doesn't work well with others - how can she improv her interpersonal skills.
1:04:12 2/22/2017
Sarah recaps her Valentine's Day and Birthday and having the worst Vegan meal of her life. Was Adele's Grammy speech thanking Beyonce white privilege? The cutthroat world of selling Girl Scout cookies, can millennial women not find love because they're too Alpha in relationships? email: sarah@heyfrase.com
1:12:17 2/15/2017
Should you be selfish at work? A new study says helping your co-workers burns YOU out! Plus, why women dread Valentine's Day and it has a lot to do with waxing. Sarah's friend John Morgan joins the podcast again. And Sarah is thinking of making the podcast once a week. Send her your feedback: sarah@heyfrase.com
00:41:50 2/9/2017
Sarah discusses George Lopez's rant on a fan, 10 signs you're dating a mamas boy. Is fear of making a phone call a real thing? This article says yes, a listener wants advice on how to find a good therapist, and reactions to Sarah posting a topless pic in support of lady gaga.
00:40:16 2/8/2017
Sarah is joined by DC radio personality Guy Lambert. Sarah and Guy share their thoughts on the Super Bowl, lady gaga's belly, and a Dallas teacher who is being fired for her porn star past. Plus, Guy discusses why he no longer uses the N-word, and releasing his pet snake into the wild! Sarah's next live podcast show is Feb 24th at DC improv. Tix: dcimprov.com
00:43:20 2/7/2017
Sarah and guest host Paul Wharton discuss if speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos should be allowed to speak on college campus? How Sarah and Paul respond to haters, and Sarah's wondering if she should put a guy on the podcast who claims he was dating a woman in a cult that collected his sperm, plus an update on Paul Wharton's 'small calamari' assistant. Email: sarah@heyfrase.com
00:46:40 2/2/2017
Sarah is back after she had a death in her extended family. Fan of the Hey Frase podcast Stephanie Williams guest hosts. Can you ask someone out at a funeral? Do white women need to start listening to black women, and breadcrumbing is the latest online dating term. Get your tix to the next Hey Frase live podcast show dcimprov.com
00:43:13 2/1/2017
Paul Wharton co-hosts the show! Sarah and Paul talk about Paul's assistant drama...Paul explains why he wouldn't let his assistant order a large calamari. Sarah and Paul disagree on the white guy who left a black waitress an uplifting note and $750 tip. Plus, nude maids are in huge demand, the snapchat rainbow vomit coat is real. Email sarah@heyfrase.com
00:44:35 1/26/2017
Beef jerky bouquets are real! Kickstarter master Erick Sanchez guest co-hosts, if you bought milk since 2003 the milk business could owe you $75 or more. Unplugged weddings are a trend, and Sarah was raised Catholic but is now looking for a new religion, anyone have suggestions? sarah@heyfrase.com
00:44:49 1/25/2017
On todays show Sarah discusses...Is it rape if a guy takes off a condom during sex and doesn't tell his partner? The most annoying emails according to your co-workers, 9 Things Ultra Productive People Do Every Day, and DC magazine Publisher Peter Abrahams guest hosts today. Peter is one of DC's most successful publishers and he reveals his best business advice for millennials, women, and why DC magazine doesn't work with bloggers.
00:57:50 1/24/2017
What's like being an up and coming female rapper in DC? Sarah has on Yasmin Radbod who talks about the music business, how often she gets hit up for blow jobs, whose an asshole in the rap world, and Sarah offers to be Radbod's fluffer. Plus, more on the kidnapped 18 yr old and lying comedian Dan Nainan.
00:48:50 1/19/2017
Back by popular demand! DC celebrity Paul Wharton guest hosts today. Sarah and Paul chat about the gay dance party at Mike Pence's house, songs that get white people turnt, and should Sarah fundraise for an animal charity when she's not a huge fan of pets? Email sarah: sarah@heyfrase.com
00:49:36 1/18/2017
Sarah is joined by her friend and Arlington, VA 'Most interesting Man Alive' John Morgan. Sarah and John chat about the girl snatched as a newborn and raised by her kidnapper, what the hell does the Women's March stand for, and a listener wants to know if she can keep an ex-hook up around to do her plumbing even if she's in a committed relationship!? Email Sarah: sarah@heyfrase.com
00:46:50 1/17/2017
Sarah's friend Truc joins the show. Truc is in her 30s and has never had an orgasm, so Sarah, her co-host Gemma Smith, and intern Irene have 'vagina chat' to help Truc figure out the BIG O. Plus, Sarah weighs in on why men aren't into the Women's March, the reason your life sucks is because of you, and the new Michael Jackson film with Joseph Fiennes. Email sarah! sarah@heyfrase.com
00:47:31 1/12/2017
Political Comedian Tim Young is on the show! Follow him on social media @Timrunshismouth. A friend of Sarah's needs advice, she was told to smile more at work...sexist statement or should she try it? Plus, MyPillow is a fraud, scientists were paid to find out which animals fart, and Tim talks about his 100lb weight loss.
00:44:47 1/11/2017
The search for a new co-host or co-hosts is on! Sarah discuss the reactions to Samy K leaving. She weighs in on TMZ getting the video of the Ft. Lauderdale shooter, introduces her new intern Irene, and has passion curator Sammy Simpson on the show to discuss why she decide to stay true to her dream and not comprise about she really wants.
00:42:55 1/10/2017
Today is really hard. Samy K has decided to leave the show. Sarah and Samy and have been at odds over the future of the show and what they really want out of life and their careers. They share with you their brave conversation as to why it was time to conscious uncouple, what Samy is going to do next, and grab your tissues cause Sarah is crying into a pad.
00:35:37 1/5/2017
Erick Sanchez is a community organizer and kickstarter genius. He guest co-hosts todays show. You know him from his Kenny Loggins kickstarter, getting celebrity chef Jose Andres to pull out of Trumps DC hotel, and for shutting down #pizzagate. Sarah and Erick talk the worst jobs of 2016, if Ellen should have let gospel singer Kim Burrell appear on her show despite that anti-gay rant, and why a new Dating app called the league, should be called the dick league
00:43:57 1/4/2017
Samy K is still on vacation so DC celebrity Paul Wharton is filling in. Paul shares his struggle to give up drinking and why he has decided to make it his New Years resolution. Are you too old for success? This amazing story will break down if your dream is still possible. Sarah defends a 37 yr old man who hit on a teen Barista and got banned from Starbucks.
00:45:07 1/3/2017
Samy K wants to know how he can stop being a morning person. There's now a scientific study on the perfect penis size. Samy rants on Bruka bands, and we've come up with a product for the podcast...the 'Pee Friends App' will you buy it? We have a phone line...call us and weigh in on any topic. 207-613-6695.
00:44:38 12/22/2016
Sleeping beauty complex is real. Breast Milk Soap is supposed to be a hot holiday item. Samy K wants to know if he needs a 'sick protocal' in his relationship. Here are the things women need to stop doing if they want to get ahead in the workplace.
00:49:48 12/21/2016
A listener is dating a married man, she claims his wife knows and is okay with it, but how does she get her family to stop harassing her about the relationship? Here's why old souls can't find love, a psychologist says it's fine to call your man 'daddy' in the bedroom, and are you permanently damaging your child by keeping up the Santa lie?
00:49:13 12/20/2016
A special treat loves! We're posting our December live show for you to enjoy! The show went down 12/9/16 at the DC Improv featuring special guest and DC celebrity Paul Wharton, Sarah and Samy K play 'do you stand by it,' Deep Thoughts From the Men on Tinder, Sarah reviews a penis and more.
01:05:57 12/15/2016
ESPN reporter Britt McHenry who belittled a cashier says the stress
from the backlash has hurt her eyesight. Sarah and Samy K weigh in on
if McHenry's apology seems real. Sarah wants to know how many times
she should reach to a friend to get together before you just stop.
Plus, Sarah and Samy K share what they've learned in 2016.
00:47:21 12/14/2016
Sarah and Samy K weigh in on Kayne West meeting with President elect Donald Trump and the conspiracy theories around it. How long until you found out the kid was yours? Sarah's family member just found out he has a 4 month old son. Plus the Fisher Price 'Happy Hour Playset' isn't real.
00:49:10 12/13/2016
Being called 'mom' online is now the ultimate compliment. Sarah wants to know if there's a rule for how early in the morning you can text someone, and Matthew Hurtt is a Grass Roots Activist who is teaching people how to fight against the MAN! He's anti-regulations and he'll tell you how to launch your business with fewer government restrictions.
00:50:27 12/8/2016
Would you be offended or feel it was a compliment if someone made your
image into a sexbot? Samy K is dealing with a disagreement with this
girlfriend's friend...now whose fight is it? Plus, the show pranks
their old radio station and takes over their text line...AGAIN.
00:49:05 12/7/2016
Is it normal that Sarah had to stop herself from going thru her boyfriends phone while he was knocked out during surgery? Sarah and Samy K try to talk sports...is Bryce Harper really worth $400 million, and a listener sent Sarah a nude snapchat does she have to send one back?
00:52:23 12/6/2016
Sarah wants to know if it's normal that her boyfriend doesn't tell his
co-workers about his personal life. "Adulting" school is real, a
relationship expert claims the key to wedded bliss is a marriage
contract that needs to be renewed after TEN YEARS. A bloggers 'best
tip' on staying thin is causing backlash.
00:54:29 12/1/2016
These 3 questions will determine if you have a mastermind IQ...find out if Sarah and Samy K can pass the test. A blogger gave up dating and says he found the next best thing. Plus, a married listener needs advice. Her husband wants to have sex everyday for 30 minutes...ridiculous or not?
00:56:09 11/30/2016
A listener e-mailed Sarah and Samy K and claims that if Sarah loves her
body so much why doesn't she get naked more often on her Snapchat.
Should Sarah and Samy K hire an executive trainer to help them sort
out the future of the show, and Dickliner is real and the hottest
Instagram trend.
00:53:12 11/29/2016
Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for you and all your support in 2016. On today's show Samy K discovers the song that makes Sarah cry instantly. Do elite parents dominate volunteering at your child's school? The troubling new trend and why it's hurting your kid. Plus, how do you get a workaholic partner to slow down?
00:48:47 11/24/2016
Success has caused some issues between Sarah and Samy K. They have an open conversation about their egos, whose show is it, and how do they continue to get along. Samy K wants to know what is the line between theft and finding something. Sarah is looking for a hobby she should do with her boyfriend...you decide. Should she eat or skeet?
00:52:01 11/23/2016
Sarah and Samy K discuss a DC pizzeria that is caught up in a crazy fake news story accusing them of running an elite pedophile ring. Did Sarah hurt her boyfriends career by not staying late and partying at his corporate event, and a single mom says it's easier to raise a kid alone than with a partner. Tickets to our next live show here https://goo.gl/pEvBQ5
00:52:43 11/22/2016
Sarah's mom is on the show from Maine. Apparently she had a random man living on her property in a truck with a generator for 3 weeks! Auschwitz is getting virtuality, and comedian Bob Marley is on the show.
00:50:45 11/17/2016
Are dry weddings insulting to your guests? Dying with dignity is now legal in DC and Sarah wants to podcast someone's right to die, good idea or not? And Swedish artist is standing in public naked with a Mirror Box asking people to group her to take her sexual power back. Ridiculous or Art?
00:53:05 11/16/2016
We have a phone line. Call us and weigh in on any of our topics 207-613-6695. Sarah went to Stevie Nicks last night and it didn't go well. And you will never guess what men are using lube for that has nothing to do with sex.
Deep Thoughts From the Tinderellas. Sarah and Samy K read the funniest real Tinder profiles they find. Has the Hey Frase show made the Presidents list of enemies? And you'll never believe what normal thing considers child abuse.
00:51:36 11/10/2016
Sarah and Samy K discuss and react Trump becoming President. Plus the audio and a recap of what happened at our election night party. Porn, a crazy t-shirt lady, and comedy all happened. Email us anytime: sarah@heyfrase.com
00:45:36 11/9/2016
Samy K needs your help...he can't stop snoring every time he spends the night at his 'lady friends' place. The idea of a biological clock ticking is total crap and science proves it. Plus, how Samy almost impregnated your favorite Magic School Bus character.
00:52:43 11/8/2016
We could have never imagined this! The NY Times has featured our Election Night party. Comedian Adam Ferrara is on the show, Samy has a serious bathroom dilemma that only Arabs will understand. Plus college campuses want to rid men of masculinity.
00:54:25 11/3/2016
HUGE news! Our Hey Frase podcast made the front page of the Wall Street Journal! Here's why and our election night party is NOW at the DC Improv. Get your tix here http://ow.ly/PpUX305MzSu - Sarah and Samy K discuss 'dying with dignity' and when was the last time you fell for a scam?
00:54:16 11/2/2016
UPDATE! Here's what happened when Sarah and Samy K went to Trump Hotel to find out why they won't rent a room to the show. Sarah is wondering how she can get her boyfriend to pay more of the rent. Should a youtube star be shut down for being anorexic?
00:52:43 11/1/2016
Today is our pop-up Halloween podcast. Sarah and Samy K reveal each other's costumes. An artist will paint your favorite celebrity going down on you. Plus, a listener emailed and wants Sarah and Samy to come up with a 'sexual milestone' list for he and his wife.
00:49:16 10/27/2016
Sarah and Samy K play who would eat it? A stoner or a pregnant woman?Sarah is finally ready to get rid of her 'just in case' storage unit. Our Election Night Party at Trump Hotel is happening! Here's how you can get it in.
00:57:41 10/26/2016
Here's why women are wearing engagement rings on their pinkie fingers. Sarah has 3 Halloween costume ideas for Samy K but are they too offensive? When a woman says her friend is 'fun' is that code word for fat?
00:50:34 10/25/2016
Air Sex Championships are real and we have the founder and comedian of the competition Chris Trew on the show. How this crazy idea is now becoming show. Is it time to hold Howard Stern accountable for his sexism. Why people are sending rocks back to Hawaii
00:59:25 10/20/2016
We read the hilarious Tinder profiles that listeners send us in Deep Thoughts From Men on Tinder. The domestic abuse that doesn't get reported, are you a woman who has worked for a terrible female boss? Email us: sarah@heyfrase.com
00:54:45 10/19/2016
Sarah and Samy's Election Night Go Fund me has been getting a ton of press but why is Samy saying this in the interviews!? Sarah and Samy have decided to pick each other's Halloween costumes, what should they be? Is snoring a deal breaker the first time your hookup spends the night?
00:53:00 10/18/2016
ESPN's Undefeated Clinton Yates is on the show today to talk Black Lives Matter, Sarah's comments about objecting to Colin Kaepernick's Anthem protest, advice for young journalists, and dating.
00:58:29 10/13/2016
Sarah and Samy K discuss 2 major media opportunities that have presented themselves. One involving their election night gofundme party and the other exposure and freedom. Which should they choose? Plus does reality show creator Mark Burnett owe it to America to release more Donald Trump audio?
00:55:59 10/12/2016
Chemicals in our everyday fragrance products like dish soap, clothes, and perfume are causing obesity, cancer, and autism. Jon Whelan is the writer and director of the movie Stink. Jon is the on the show to talk about how these chemicals are slowly killing us. Plus poop cafes, bromo-sexuals, and water bottle flips.
00:55:59 10/11/2016
A listener needs our advice. When your teenager daughter asks you to keep her lesbian relationship a secret do you? Samy went on a first date but did he shoot himself in the foot by not mentioning this...and the 5 ways men destroy relationships. This might be the most sexist article of all time.
00:56:47 10/6/2016
Can a company ever attract two different types of clients at once? Here's a list of the most uplifting songs of all time, Bucket Feet is the hottest new shoe store you need to be ordering from, and join us Friday Oct. 7th at Markoff's Haunted Forest https://goo.gl/81oO8o
00:53:01 10/5/2016
The 9 wedding traditions that everyone hates. These 2 things determine if your relationship will last and Sarah's boyfriend joins the show. Also, Sarah and Samy want you to #postreal on social media. Could you do it?
00:55:44 10/4/2016
Sarah and Samy K discuss sexism in the workplace, the man who was bitten twice on his penis by a poisonous spider, and should meditation be taught in all schools? Have a topic or story idea? E-mail sarah@heyfrase.com
00:52:22 9/29/2016
What would you do if you caught two burglars having sex on your couch? Everything you've heard about alcohol being good for you is a lie and find out why Sarah thinks she's been nicknamed 'stains' by her TV cohorts.
00:55:36 9/28/2016
Sarah and Samy K visited the new Smithsonian African American Museum Of History and Culture and here's their review. A recap of the live podcast show, what happened when listeners told Samy he man-splains Sarah and Sarah needs to stop apologizing so much.
1/3 of women have been told to 'dress up' by bosses, Sarah and Samy K discuss the rise of Scrotox. A new article brilliantly explains why Gen Y is unhappy. If you can't find career or relationship success you'll love our discussion...
32 year old virgin Kate Bryan is on the show to talk about chastity, masturbation, and if she owns a vibrator. Sarah responds to all the hate the mail she received from the National Anthem discussion, and a listener e-mailed wanting to know if he should ghost his weed guy!? Email: sarah@heyfrase.com
01:01:15 9/20/2016
Great news for Sarah... women that never marry are just as happy in their 60's as people who are married. Disney does brown face, clowns are shutting down schools across the country, and Sarah and Samy K weigh in on the national anthem and NFL player debate
00:56:09 9/19/2016
ADHD is largely a fraud. We have child therapist Ce Eshelman to discuss why the diagnosis is so overused. Teen sues for embarrassing photos that her parents put on the internet, and how he'll ghost you based on his Zodiac sign
00:56:01 9/14/2016
DC celebrity Paul Wharton is on the show and believes that Sarah owes reality star Omarosa an apology. According to men these 8 things are the difference between average sex and great sex. We try Burger King Chicken Cheetos fries and Black Rifles Matter sign draws outrage in Maine
00:53:19 9/13/2016
A 32 yr old DC woman is a virgin and says she's living the feminist dream. Sarah got wasted at a children's charity event and Samy K recorded the entire thing. And is raising your own pig to eat at your wedding the new hot trend or just weird? Get tickets to our next live show September 23, 2016 in Arlington, VA http://goo.gl/d6r3YG
00:53:32 9/12/2016
Is your relationship in trouble? Can't get your man to propose to you? Samy K has a new concept called the man-tervention. 20% of parents regret the name they gave their child. We call our moms to find out what if they have any regrets. The 7 stages of white people getting woke, and the most annoying question to ask people from each state.
00:56:35 9/7/2016
A reality star owes Sarah money and she's wondering how to get it back, and is it worth losing a friend over? Samy K got an email from our former radio boss asking Samy about a job and his response will shock! Plus, a listener needs advice...she peed in her date's bed and is wondering how to clean up the mess. Email us: sarah@heyfrase.com
00:52:03 9/6/2016
First of the month means 'Deep Thoughts From the Tinderellas.' Sarah and Samy K read the crazy Tinderella profiles they find. Everyone is upset about a blog post titled "How to talk to a woman when she's wearing headphones," and our opinion on Lena Dunham's apology to Odell Beckham Jr.
01:01:02 9/5/2016
Correspondent and comedian for the Daily Show Roy Wood Jr is on the podcast. He rips into the radio industry, and shares his inspirational journey of making it on the Daily Show! At what age should you tell kids family secrets, and an Oregon girls Senior picture has gone viral.
00:58:07 8/31/2016
How someone yawns will reveal whether or not they're a psychopath. Students learn more from hot teachers. Sarah is mortified after her college alumnae magazine printed this about her, and Sarah and Samy K discuss how you should end a horrible date
00:58:08 8/30/2016
Divorce coach Cherie Morris is on the podcast with advice for Huma Abedin as she transitions out of her marriage to Anthony Weiner, and the 3 signs you're dating a habitual sexter. Are you looking for a sugar daddy? The Sugar Masquerade is coming to DC. Is it ridiculous that school districts are banning cupcakes and candy from class parties?
00:52:23 8/29/2016
Should you wear your engagement ring to a job interview? Samy K is furious that Sarah actually looked at the Leslie Jones nude photos, and Jason Hatzenbuehler was raised by his father from the age of 8. How has that decision impacted his life? He shares his story on today's podcast.
00:54:11 8/24/2016
Part 2 of our single dad's series features Family lawyer Edward F. Dombroski, Jr. Ed talks about how a father can gain primary custody of his children and how often dad's are successful. Samy K has a solution to end all of Sarah's relationship issues...Star Wars plates! Are these sex acts real or fake? Samy takes the quiz.
00:56:25 8/23/2016
Samy K has a riddle to determine if you're sexist. We've raised close to 1k for our election night party at Trump Hotel suite! Here's how you can donate and get in http://goo.gl/DTFykv We start a new segment on the podcast. We're taking an in depth look at single dads. How often are dads awarded full-custody of their kids and is it best for the child? Sarah's brother Seth Fraser is on the show to talk about winning primary custody of his 9 yr old daughter.
00:54:40 8/22/2016
We want to throw an animal house rager on election night at the Trump Hotel's Presidential Suite find out how you can help. More women are wearing shower caps in public. Sarah has an obsession with the new JonBenet docu-series that is coming out. It's Time to Stop Writing 'I Hope You're Well' in E-mails. Thank you so much for listening to today's podcast!

Check out the GoFundMe by copying the link here! https://goo.gl/wDqezk
00:50:01 8/17/2016
62% of white people don't post about race on social media, why not!? Sarah and Samy K rant. Would you wear a tampon during sex? A company called Flex is betting you will. NBA player Kris Humphries use to swim against Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte and beat them regularly! The Neverending Story is coming back to theatres. And a listener needs advice: can you propose without a ring? Our next live show is Friday September 23, 2016 at Clarendon Ballroom in Arlington, VA.

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00:54:57 8/16/2016
Traci Braxton is on the podcast and plays fuck, marry, kill. Would she rather fuck, marry, or kill the Jackson 5, The Osmonds, or The Jonas Brothers!? She talks about growing up in Toni Braxton's shadow and look for her new singles 'Body Shots' and 'Broken Things' coming out soon. A recap of what happened during Sarah and Samy's live podcast show in DC. Sarah's vagina has been farting recently and now a listener has written a song about it that we play. Sarah and Samy weigh in on Brendan Dassey going free' Sassy Trump videos, and should Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas be less sensitive to her critics.
On today's show Sarah and Samy K discuss the most Googled D list celebrities by each state. A listener emails in for advice... Is it time to kick out her in laws? Samy breaks down Malia Obama's "suspicious cigarette." Could you own just 15 items... a self help guru tells you how. We are obsessed with a Tinder sociologist who says Tinder is about love not hooking up and gives advice about your profile.
00:51:27 8/10/2016
Sarah and Samy K discuss Samy's new personal exercise not involving sweat system (P.E.N.I.S), Is Tony Robbins' documentary crazy or inspiring? We break down sexism in the Rio olympics. Would you be less annoyed on an airplane if a parent of a screaming child gave you a gift? How about paying $1,000 for comfy high heels!? Deep thoughts for men on tinder: Sarah and Samy K read the funniest tinder profiles they found this week. Want more Sarah and Samy K follow them on Instagram: @heyfrase and @thesamyk
00:51:27 8/10/2016
Hosts Sarah Fraser and Samy K discuss Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's new show, R Kelly's engagement, and which celeb you would never want to look like: Dane Cook, Carrot Top, or Gabourey Sidibe. Plus if can't stand your Facebook friends during this political year revive civility is a new website that will help you cope. Sarah tries Crystal Pepsi for the first time and Samy needs help naming his blind dog.
00:53:54 8/9/2016
Sarah gives her top 5 podcasts you must listen to right now. We discuss the Texas woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a peeing toy in a hibachi restaurant, and should you take kids on low budget crappy vacations when they're young so they have something to look forward to in life? Still some tixs to our Aug. 13th live podcast show: http://www.dcimprov.com/home/hey-frase.html
3264 7/28/2016
The 5 things you're never supposed to say in the bedroom! Plus, a Baltimore man gets his missing cat back from a teen playing Pokemon Go, he's on the show. Meet our listener Haras...had an affair with a married woman, was nearly charged with stalking her, wants to contact her again, and has asked for our advice. Have a story a lead? Email: sarah@heyfrase.com
2951 7/27/2016
Sarah says she will always tip a waiter or waitress 30% if they tell her THIS after she orders (Samy thinks it's the most millennial thing she's ever said)! Are you being sexually harassed at work? Gretchen Carlson's attorney wrote the best article on how to handle it, and we play was it a Sharknado 4 star or RNC speaker? Get your tickets to our live show: http://www.dcimprov.com/
3012 7/26/2016
Shout outs, emails, and a we address why some of you all are so pissed at us for our 'anti-pitbull' interview. A former porn star is promoting DC sports teams but they want nothing to do with her!? What's up with that? Schools are no longer failing kids and a 50 will be the lowest grade they can get. Is our education system helping students or setting them for a rude awakening in life! Get your tixs to our live podcast show: http://www.dcimprov.com/home/hey-frase.html
3280 7/21/2016
This one word is killing friendships and Sarah uses it all the time. Is Stephen Colbert being replaced, and Jeremy Lerman is on the show. He's a grad student at George Mason Univ. who had the most amazing Facebook post about Black Lives Matter and the issue of police unions. Get tickets to our live show Aug. 13th tix here: http://www.dcimprov.com/home/hey-frase.html
2660 7/20/2016
We are back from vacation and this might be the mother of all episodes! Sadly, Samy's new puppy died. Samy was also arrested and a listener wants to know She should tell her co-workers fiance that he's impregnated another woman? Need advice or have a tip for the podcast email: sarah@heyfrase.com
3457 7/19/2016
Barbara Kay is a columnist for the Canadian newspaper National Post, and she's anti-Pit Bull. Kay says that the facts show Pit Bulls are a dangerous breed of dog that should be banned from towns and communities. A listener made us an official Hey Frase Bingo and get your tickets to our next live podcast show http://www.dcimprov.com/home/hey-frase.html
2080 7/7/2016
Here are the most requested wedding songs of 2016: do we love them or hate them? A listener emails us for advice after a dating site suggested she get professional head shots if she wants to find love, and Samy K rants on the blog 'Bitches Who Brunch' for not being true food bloggers. Follow us on Snapchat: HeyFraseShow and TheSamyK
2396 7/6/2016
Is PBS tacky for airing stock footage of 4th of July fireworks and not telling their audience, Sarah went on Tinder and asked a woman on a date for her friend is that creepy or considerate and should you always tell your partner if you're attracted to someone other than them? Have a great story idea, need advice, or want to share a tip? Email: sarah@heyfrase.com
2621 7/5/2016
Jack Daniels Whiskey is finally embracing that Slaves were the real genius behind the brand but is it to little to late? Beverage expert Frank Mills is on the show to discuss. Plus, why Sarah is apologizing to a listener for yesterday's show, and is it ridiculous that Miss Teen USA is getting rid of the swimsuit portion of the competition? Have a great story or topic you want us to discuss? Email: sarah@heyfrase.com
2681 6/30/2016
Sarah's mom is starring in a new reality show called "Alicia the Sex Toy Hunter" after she was asked to clean Sarah's gay uncles house and threw out all their love toys. Samy has a new puppy, what should he name him and Samy's Top 5 best places to eat in DC. Follow us on instagram: heyfrase and thesamyk
3198 6/29/2016
Sad news to report Hey Frase friends...Samy's beloved dog Slash died over the weekend. Here's what happened and Sarah decided to write some haikus in Slash's honor. Also, if your fiance doesn't invite your brother to his bachelor party is that a deal breaker? Have a story, tip, or topic we should cover? Email: sarah@heyfrase.com
3509 6/28/2016
Sarah's high school ex-boyfriend, who she's still attracted to is coming into town, should she meet him for a drink? DC celebrity Paul Wharton is back on the show and he has a new song called "I"m a model" - do you love it or hate it? And we read funny Tinder profiles in Deep Thoughts From The Men On Tinder.
3205 6/23/2016
Which is harder...breaking up with a best friend or breaking up with a significant other? Yelp review open mic night is the most awesome thing we've ever heard of, and find out why people are furious over a crocodile halloween costume on Pinterest. Have a great story, tip, or topic? Email: sarah@heyfrase.com
3257 6/22/2016
Samy K shuts down Ayesha Curry trolls with this one rant on how NBA players should be able to multi-task. Sarah goes for coffee with a woman who wants her to dish on a guy she use to date, and is the 'cherrio challenge' cute or annoying? Follow us on twitter: @heyfrase and @thesamyk
3305 6/21/2016
Women in the US could be forced to join the military draft. Say goodbye to strip clubs, find out why the naked entertainment business is dying. Sarah admits to owning a period towel!? What is it and is it the grossest thing Samy's ever heard of? Have an interesting story you think we should talk about!? Email: sarah@heyfrase.com
3709 6/16/2016
An anonymous twitter troll accuses Sarah of having sex with her husband and Sarah wants to call the married men in her phone to find out who it is. The 5 new job interview questions you should be prepared to answer and Sarah went to her first Ramadan dinner find out what happened. Follow @heyfrase and @thesamyk on instagram.
3228 6/15/2016
Samy's mom called him to tell him he needs to shave his beard and stop telling people he's Muslim. Samy discusses if he's going to do that. Our thoughts on the mass-shooting in Orlando, and benching is the new ghosting in relationships. Got an interesting story or tip we should talk about? Email: sarah@heyfrase.com
3478 6/14/2016
Sarah reviews the Dolly Parton concert at Wolf Trap, a husband and wife want Sarah and Samy to settle a debate over the C-word, and can your boss ask you to do personal work for them on the clock? The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3136 6/9/2016
How mesmerizing is listening to naked women reading? Incredibly mesmerizing according to Cherokee Rose. Rose is on of the stars of Naked Girls Reading, a Chicago and DC based show. She talks about women owning their bodies and profiting from it, penis puppet shows, and more of Samy's thoughts on convicted rapist Brock Turner.
2954 6/8/2016
If someone publicly trashes you online and then apologizes and asks you to lunch do you accept? Blogger Ebrahim Aseem says women need to stop supporting men through law school and building their own business because he will always leave you for another woman, and our take on the fat Axel Rose photo fight. Should google start controlling the images we see?
3167 6/7/2016
Our live show at the DC Improv featured special guests reality star Omarosa and DC celebrity Paul Wharton. From the worst TV shows and movies to have sex while watching to who lost their virginity to Elmo the show was wild and unpredictable.
4335 6/5/2016
Is it okay to snapchat when you're getting pulled over? Why Sarah was stopped by police after the live show, there's a scientific way to get over a bad break up, and if high school students are caught drinking at prom should they be able to walk at graduation?
3383 6/2/2016
Tonight is our live show at the DC Improv with reality star and Donald Trump supporter Omarosa and DC celebrity Paul Wharton. Tickets at dcimprov.com - Sarah gives her review of the Anthony Wiener documentary - why do women stay with narcissistic men? Are tiny food videos taking over Facebook relaxing or annoying and is watching church on tv the same as going to church?
3067 6/1/2016
Tomorrow night is our live podcast show at the DC Improv. Get your tickets here: http://www.dcimprov.com/home/hey-frase.html - Are you an askhole? Sarah gave her snapchat out to a bunch of elementary school kids and is now worried about what she can post, and a civil war museum depicted by cats.
3143 5/31/2016
Sarah's mom is on the show to talk about what a 'Bear Dump' is and why Sarah spent so much of her childhood there, why do greek statues have small penises, and the sad reason that so many women have to spend so much time getting ready for work.
2730 5/26/2016
Can a person ever be 'ex-gay?' Christopher Doyle is a licensed clinical professional counselor in Northern Virginia. His main practice is sexual identity affirmation therapy. As a former homosexual he shares the misconceptions around the therapy and why it's not the same as reparative. You can email your thoughts: sarah@heyfrase.com
3085 5/25/2016
Today Sarah talks about Elijah Wood's new dark confession about Hollywood. Sarah also finds out what happens when you get your period in space. Did Samy find out that his friends relatives are Nazis? When you go to Asian countries do people stop to take a picture with you?
2607 5/24/2016
Sarah and Samy discuss the new survey that the 9 in 10 Native Americans do not oppose 'Redskins' name, is it normal that Sarah never spent a night away from her parents until she was in 8th grade? Plus, here's what nurses wish they could really tell patients.
3237 5/19/2016
Sarah and Samy's brand manager got into a twitter feud with attorney Mike Slocumb, should she have to change her twitter name after this drama? More men say their biological clocks are ticking and are looking for wombs to rent, and Sarah is panicking that the podcast needs to go viral. How does she stop worrying about clicks, likes, and instagram fame?
3512 5/18/2016
Sarah and Samy answer listener emails including how do you tell a friend their teeth are nasty. Saying the word yasss instead of yes is officially the new like, and chemsex is a scary new way to have sex. The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3392 5/17/2016
Today we reveal our mystery guest for our June 1st live podcast show and SHE will have you fired up! Plus Sarah received a note from an admirer that Samy K decided to read on-air, and the INSANE Facebook message one mom posted to visitors of her new born baby.
3157 5/12/2016
Advice columnists are getting overwhelmed with this one question from women, Sarah's mom is pre-screening her brother's dates, and who on the show has scorched their employment opportunities? The Hey Frase Podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3551 5/11/2016
Sarah had an embarrassing run in with a US Senator and how did Samy K manage to meet Leonardo Dicaprio. The insane pressure that mom's are now facing to have natural births, and this cat's asshole looks like a harry potter character. The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3438 5/10/2016
Psychic Medium Cindy Kaza joins the podcast today to talk about why ever psychic hasn't won the lottery, predicts the Kentucky Derby winner, and warns Samy to hide his stash. How do you deal with a guy who won't stop baby talking to you, and when people say 'i feel like' is that a cop-out statement?
4637 5/5/2016
POP-UP PODCAST - We are live at South Moon Under in Fairfax, VA. DC Urban Moms and Fairfax Underground are open forum websites that allow users to publicly shame people. Should the moderators of these sites be responsible for removing bullying comments? The sweetest Mother's Day Song you have to hear, why so many young women love the pull-out method.
3303 5/4/2016
Comedian Anjelah Johnson is on the show to discuss her career and her controversial Bon Qui Qui character - is the character racist or good comedy? Sarah and Samy debate. Sarah wants to know if she should spend $200 a tix to see Dolly Parton? Plus, this local DC time-traveling lawyer is running for President - he apparently spent time with President Lincoln and is demanding the gov't release their ET files. Enjoy
3829 5/3/2016
What happens when the Hey Frase podcast teams up with the luxury apartment building Nouvelle in Tysons, VA? Pool and Pod party happens. Why do people hate the word moist? If your insurance company asked you to send a side, rear, and front pic after a crash would you send your face or the car? Plus should you ever be at a bar drinking in your work uniform? We debate...
2892 5/2/2016
Did Prince die from AIDS? We talk about the National Enquirer story that has people furious plus journalist and friend Amos Gelb returns to the podcast. Our show is a little over 4 months old and Amos asks us anything from how we plan to grow the show, who are audience is now, and our time on The Kane Show. Enjoy :)
4262 4/28/2016
Your dog hates you. Find out why Samy is sleeping nude with women in order to 'take back the power,' you'll no longer be able to buy this at Victoria Secret and Sarah's friends 'Steve and Gary' have been a couple for years but find out what happens when Gary's parents find out they're sleeping in the same bed. Get ready to fall over cause today's show is HILARIOUS.
3220 4/27/2016
Sarah and Samy get into over whether Beyonce's Lemonade is genius or nothing new, have you heard of the dentist beard? It's the latest facial hair trend for men, and Latino immigrants are losing Spanish at home. We talk about why. The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3184 4/26/2016
Sarah and Samy share their opinions on snapchat's Bob Marley filter that had everyone doing blackface, Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, and DC celebrity Paul Wharton joins the show to give a 17yr old listener advice on coming out to his family, and the number one reason people get divorced. Hint it's not cheating, money, or step-kids.
4042 4/21/2016
Can you outrun a fart? Is a second date at a Holocaust museum ever a good idea? Plus are college wait-lists cruel or ok, and is your favorite pop-star hiring fake paparazzi and fake fans to show up at their shows? We discuss the new trend. All this is so much more. The Hey Frase is hosted by media personalities Sarah Fraser and Samy K.
4190 4/20/2016
Should workplaces allow menstrual leave? Sarah is wondering if it's morally wrong to have a cancer fundraiser at a strip club, and find out what happened at Sarah and Samy's speaking engagement at American University. The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3140 4/19/2016
We have a major announcement on today's show. Join us May 14th for DC's first ever Positive Body Image rally on the National Mall that we're throwing it! Forget a breathalyzer police will now scan your phone to see if you were doing this, and do you think women should have sex with men in order to get ahead and start their own businesses? We discuss and send you good vibes all on today's show.
3455 4/14/2016
Today on the show Sarah and Samy debate 'Chariot' a women's only Uber-style car service starting in Boston, is it a good idea or creating sexism against men? Plus, Sarah has been calling Samy this racist term and had no idea, and when you have brainstorming meetings in your office do they work or end up destroying a good idea? Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3887 4/13/2016
If a teacher is recorded twerking on spring break should they be fired? Find out what happened when Samy met his celebrity crush over the weekend...his friends are still talking about it, and Igor Volsky is on the show. Volsky is a DC based writer who decided to take on politicians, the NRA, and America's obsession with 'thoughts and prayers' tweets after every mass shooting. His interview will certainly make you think!
3656 4/12/2016
Here's what happened during our second live sold-out show at the DC Improv. Featuring special guest DJ Kool. Kool gave the most amazing interviewing talking about the 20th anniversary of his hit song 'Let Me Clear My Throat,' how much many he still makes from that song, and his advice to aspiring singers.
3227 4/8/2016
Your breakfast could be making you ugly, would you leave your dog in a doggie locker so you could go brunch, and have you ever wondered what your doctor or surgeon would say about you while under the knife? Sarah and Samy discuss. The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3497 4/7/2016
Samy K calls out a listener who's trying to start drama. Plus can white people rock dreads, and Samy wants to know if he can ask the girl he went on 4 dates with to pay him back after she told him she had a boyfriend?
3620 4/6/2016
Can you still be a feminist if you always make a guy pay for dinner? Sarah has her first official rant. Plus, how did the radio station April Fools prank that Sarah and Samy were apart of go, and does climate change make it immoral to have kids? The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3595 4/5/2016
Our second live show at the DC Improv happened on Friday night and we covered everything from Donald Trump receiving a bag of dicks, to "Who Said It!? A dictator or Kanye West?" And our mystery guest: Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby dished on being called a gold digger, finding success, cheating rumors, and which housewife needs to go.
3774 4/4/2016
Deep thoughts from the men on tinder is on today's show, Sarah and Samy K weigh in on the D'Angelo Russell and Nick Young secret video recording, and David Michael Latt the co-founder of Asylum Film and the man behind Syfy movies Dead 7 and Sharknado is on the podcast. Hey Frase is a funny, inspiring, pop-culture show that is DC based.
3548 3/31/2016
Should Sarah and Samy change formats and have an anti-terrorism podcast? We did it - hear the April Fools joke that we're doing on a DC radio station, and if your parent resurfaced 40yrs after faking their disappearance would you want to meet them?
3259 3/30/2016
Samy and Sarah debate if the new African American Museum opening in DC needs to include Bill Cosby's sexual assault accusations? Do you think you're dumb? This celebrity host insists the majority of audiences are stupid, and should Sarah and Samy help this DC DJ pull-off a radio prank?
2970 3/29/2016
Nationally syndicated radio host and activist Joe Madison aka 'the black eagle' is on the podcast today to talk about #blacklivesmatter, #alllivesmatter, and race in America, plus Vegas is apparently over Elvis, and the hot identical twins that share everything, now have decided to share the same man.
4063 3/24/2016
Would you buy your kids alcohol when they're underage? This writer says that women should start sexting their girlfriends if they want to build self-esteem, and you asked for a t-shirt contest so we're doing it! The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3148 3/23/2016
Major League Baseball player Adam LaRoche's son doesn't belong at work, the disturbing web search people were doing on St. Patrick's Day, and Jane Doe the tarot card reader is on the show to give Samy a 30th Bday reading - the results were INSANELY accurate. The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3538 3/22/2016
Have you ever pretended to be someone else online? Samy K discusses the time he dressed in drag and pretended to be a woman on Craigslist, 25% of men don't want to do this when it comes to weddings, and Sarah wrote a vision letter to Samy about their future. Does Samy love it or hate it?
3452 3/17/2016
Big today! We make history as the first podcast to ever tape live at DC United's Stadium - Sarah talks about her neighbor flying the confederate flag, a former Bachelor contestant says it's impossible to find love on TV, and DC United goalie Bill Hamid talks about his worst fan experience
3438 3/16/2016
We received a cease and desist from a major production company over our Real Housewives of Potomac contest, what else is in your Rice Krispy's aside from milk, and should men have the right to abort the responsibility of their unborn child? The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC-based.
3719 3/15/2016
This is bananas but Glamour magazine says if you wear this one thing to work you're more likely to get a promotion, is it chivalrous or cheesy when a guy on the first date stands up every time you go to use the bathroom, and Sarah's mom is on the show. She stopped raising goats and now she's raising this...
3321 3/10/2016
How do you know when a job offer is really right? Passion Curator Sammy Simpson is on the show to guide Sarah and Samy thru their latest offer. Samy rants about the artist Banksy having his true identity revealed, and new research says your parents determine your success, career, and productivity but is that really crap?
3524 3/9/2016
Sarah is trying to decide if she should lie to Apple to get her computer fixed for free, could you travel without luggage? Sarah and Samy discuss the new trend, and DC celebrity Paul Wharton joins the podcast, we are doing the unofficial Real Housewives of Potomac/Hey Frase casting contest - find out how you could be on the show
3776 3/8/2016
THIS is huge. An alleged TV insider is on our show with alleged House of Cards spoilers for season 4...insane! A woman in Arizona says she's healing people thru sex for donations. Is she a goddess or prostitute? And Samy rants on the positivities of going ghost.
2718 3/3/2016
Sarah had Samy break up with a girl he's been seeing over text; 30 things you have to try before 30; and are girl scout cookies delicious or nasty?
3343 3/2/2016
An animal activist is asking you to stop sharing these viral animal videos, Sarah and Samy discuss Youtube star Sam Pepper admitting his videos are fake, and what that means for you business. Plus, should Sarah have a baby? And Samy's worried about a funky growth on his penis. The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3770 3/1/2016
Inspiring! What would it take for you to stand up to a bully and tell the truth? Meet Betsy Andreu, she went up against a true Goliath - Lance Armstrong. Here's her story on sticking to the truth at all costs and being a whistle blower on Armstrong's doping and a cheating.
4330 2/25/2016
We have a new outro song! Teddy Beats and Dutch Diggler have created 'Rock The Castpod' listen and see if you like it. Samy and Sarah discuss their thoughts on the Kesha/Dr. Luke lawsuit...Samy questions if Kesha is telling the truth and a blogger says people need to stop celebrating their engagements online. The Hey Frase podcast is a show that is anything goes to entertain and inspire. It's funny, inspiring, pop-culture drive, and DC based.
3330 2/24/2016
We discuss Red Sox player Pablo Sandoval's weight. Should professional atheletes be expected to be in shape? This CEO gives potential employees a test during their interviews is it genius or ridiculous? And remember last week when we talked about addiction? You guys sent us an insane amount of emails and one woman wants to call in to share her story. The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3877 2/23/2016
It's our first ever pop-up podcast at CustomInk in Fairfax, VA! Sarah and Samy get into over the food industry and if parmesan cheese really has wood in it, is Jay-Z cheating on Beyonce with Tori Kelly, and the story of Sarah choking on a taco at Girl Scout camp! (Yes, it really happened!)
3780 2/18/2016
Sarah gives a complete review of her trip to New Orleans...were you financially cheated on over Valentine's day here are the signs, and this blogger says you should keep the umbilical cord attached to your kid 9 days after it's born! WHAT!?
3768 2/17/2016
The Hey Frase podcast is anything goes to entertain and inspire. It's funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based. On today's show...Samy is getting crap for sending out this snap involving his dog, we discuss the 5 traits of unsuccessful people, and Sarah and Samy play Bean-Boozled for the first time - find out how it goes.
3004 2/16/2016
Happy Thursday! Valentine's Day is this weekend and apparently red roses are now considered tacky, DC celebrity Paul Wharton is on the show to talk about DC's most eligible gays, and how you can save the whales but doing this everyday until the end of February. They Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, real, pop-culture driven, and DC based.
3222 2/11/2016
Sarah's mom is on the show today from Maine, reviewing the podcast and playing 'kickin' it ole school with Samy K' and a listener is accusing Sarah of white privilege after Sarah and Samy reviewed Beyonce's Formation. Here is Sarah's response. This podcast is funny, inspiring, about real life, pop-culture, and DC based.
3153 2/10/2016
Samy's Just the Tip is now on Tuesday's. Samy share's a tip on how to have the perfect Valentine's day and it's ridiculous. The podcast got rejected from a major media company - does sometimes rejection mean you need to change? And some DC area residents are not happy about a family plumbing companies Super Bowl ad featuring Mike Tyson.
3331 2/9/2016
Since Samy is from Iowa we discuss the rumors that Ted Cruz's wife is repulsed by Iowans, Samy went out on a date but left after the woman admitted this...and Miko Grimes is probably the most outspoken NFL wife of all time! She talks about speaking her mind, calling out the NFL for not caring about the fans, and A LOT more
3438 2/4/2016
Today we start the Samy rant. Find out why Samy is not happy about being invited to your wedding, what this instagram model is doing to stop men from sending her dick picks and passion curator Sammy Simpson is on the show to help you find your passion and follow your dreams.
4172 2/3/2016
Our first live show evah! On Friday Jan. 29th Sarah and Samy performed for a sold-out crowd at DC Improv. The live show covered a mass debate, the new trend of creedbombing, and self proclaimed sexpert Reba the Diva was on the show to give her 2 best blow his mind fellatio tips on cucumber penises. Enjoy
4201 2/2/2016
It's pop-culture overload today. Adorable cereal mascot Tony the Tiger wants the furry community to stop tweeting him naughty things. Sarah rants about Kanye West being a misogynist and should a white actor play Michael Jackson in an upcoming movie?
3448 1/28/2016
Mel joins the show today. Mel is a radio personality but also a long-time friend and co-worker of Sarah and Samy K. She's on the show to talk about her thoughts on 107.3, moving back for Tampa, FL and her next steps. Plus the top 6 wines to pair with your kids crappy behavior. You'll love today's show.
3664 1/27/2016
Sarah is high on oxy cotton after her colonoscopy and surgery yesterday...so as you can imagine the show is crazy. The Hey Frase show now has a phone line call us: 717-47-FRASE and Sarah's boyfriend Dan is on to take a quiz to see if their relationship will last! That and the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you man...the penis tuxedo!
4005 1/26/2016
Is carcolepsy a thing?

Should white people raise black children? We ask blogger Maralee Bradley!

Samy K's 'Just The Tip' How jacuzzi sex sent one couple to the ER
3396 1/21/2016
Today's podcast is entertaining and inspiring! From talking about what we would set on fire to have Jamie Foxx save us, to the #konmariemethod, the new herbal womb detox pearl trend, plus Sarah's mindful living therapist Robin Mize joins to show to talk about how therapy can help you lose weight, have a fabulous career, and find love.
4768 1/20/2016
Sarah and Samy K have a job offer at a country station, they debate if they should take it!? One of our interns has quit after Samy's rant, Sarah went to a blow his mind fellatio class over the weekend and the instructor gave her this big tip to try on her boyfriend. Plus find out why this church in DC has banned it's members from asking the question "What do you do!"
4426 1/19/2016
Sarah is currently being trolled on Twitter hard for criticizing Quentin Tarantino's use of the word 'ghetto' at the Golden Globes. Is using 'ghetto' considered racist? Deep Thoughts from on the Men on Tinder, and why people are pissed about a pop up pony promotion in DC this weekend for the play Equus. Happy Thursday. We love you and please share the podcast :)
3984 1/14/2016
Special Guest and DC celebrity Paul Wharton is on the podcast talking about is DC still a city of ugly people or has it changed, The Real Housewives of Potomac will the show survive, sexuality, threesomes, and Samy's makeover. Plus Samy thinks our interns are worthless and everyone wants us to do a show about radio and if radio call ins are fake.
4183 1/13/2016
Samy is in a bad mood. He just lost $750 - Sarah has been asked by a foot fetish site if they can have a picture of her feet for money...should she do it. A psychic says your dead loved ones are trying to contact you ALL the time by doing these 10 things, and Scott Brodbeck from the website ARLNOW.com is here to talk about walking away from corporate America and why ESPN sports anchor Britt mchenry is good for his business.
4735 1/12/2016
Inspiring! Today's episode is all about inspiration. On today's show Samy talks about how his pop-up wedding speech went, Sarah reveals more about the 190k job offer she turned down. It was actually from Mix 107.3 and why she said no. Plus Chuck Carroll is an amazing weight loss success story. After losing more than 250lbs he reveals how he kept if off and his 5 DIET TIPS to avoid.
4620 1/7/2016
OMG! It's happening...Sarah and Samy K are doing their first LIVE podcast show, Sarah and Samy debate to drink or not to drink, Sarah's watching #makingamurderer, Bitch Massage is the hottest new trend and why are Samy's co-workers calling him Leche de tigre!
3828 1/6/2016
Sarah and Samy K are back with their first episode of 2016! We break down Making a Murderer, butt shots, Johnny Manziel, a DC blowjob class, and Samy's wedding speech. SOOO happy to be back...WE LOVE YOU. The Hey Frase podcast is funny, inspiring, DC based, and all about pop-culture.
3803 1/5/2016
Hey Frase podcast is off for 2 weeks and will be back Jan. 5th but in the meantime here's some funny things that are happening in Sarah's world. See what happens when Sarah's boyfriend and his brother give her a Star Wars Quiz before seeing the Force Awakens.
993 12/22/2015
Today on the show Sarah just had some engagement ring drama...is she the new runaway bride and Amos Gelb from the Georgetowner came in. He just interviewed Sarah and Samy on the drama of DC's 107.3 and Samy drops the racism BOOM on the entire thing. (mic drop)
5260 12/17/2015
Sarah spent $200 on an Instagram class is she bananas or was it worth it? Samy K's snacklins are selling like hot cakes find out how many he sold from the podcast alone, Sarah gives Samy a quiz to find out if he's a bad employee and Deep Thoughts From The Tinderellas is backkk!
4284 12/16/2015
Today's show was insane. Find out what happened when a man from Sarah's past ran up to her in DC and yelled 'Remember when we made out!?' Samy K has invented a food call Snacklins and he's going to be a millionaire. If you want to be closer to your partner should you fart in front of them? A 16 yr old listener needs help coming out to his parents, Bowtie Joe joins the show and hosts a 'Mass-Debate' between Sarah and Samy plus gives away over $100 in Free STARBUCKS coffee :)
4302 12/15/2015
DEEP thoughts from the men on Tinder is backkkkk! Plus Samy K wants us to host the epic trans-galactic rock, scissors, paper world championship, should we? And we taped the show at the ADAMS center in Sterling. One of the larges mosques in the country. What's muslim life like for millennial and how are muslim American's calming the fears of American's over ISIS. We got the scoop. Hey Frase is a podcast about creating a cutting edge experience, inspiring people to discover their true self. Boundary pushing content meets entertaining and inspiring.
5366 12/10/2015
We discuss Samy's addiction to gofundme.com, and what Sarah CANNOT say tomorrow when they visit ADAMS center mosque. Plus should parents get their kids wasted at 15 to help them learn their drinking limit. Hey Frase is a podcast about creating a cutting edge experience, inspiring people to discover their true self. Boundary pushing content meets entertaining and inspiring.
4128 12/9/2015
YA!! Oh boy we have some much to cover. Sarah tweeted out about contacting an old boss and eating crow, she reveals who it is. We need to stop Samy from getting hair plugs, and Scott Weiland's ex wrote an article for Rolling Stone and people are pissed. Hey Frase is a podcast about creating a cutting edge experience, inspiring people to discover their true self. Boundary pushing content meets entertaining and inspiring.
4002 12/8/2015
Hey Frase is about creating cutting edge media, inspiring people to discover their true self. A mix of pop-culture and boundary pushing content. Today Sarah has a job offer for 190k...is she going to take it? Samy has an issue with a Facebook mom telling people to limit how much santa gives their kids, and was an A-list celeb raped by a bear?
3324 12/3/2015
Sarah finds out that a wedding she went to was a FRAUD, would you let your baby sleep in a cardboard box? And Samy K and Teddy Beats made Sarah a sick intro...do you like it? really A-sexual? Hey Frase is a podcast about creating cutting edge media, inspiring people to discover their true self. Boundary pushing content meets entertaining and inspiring.
3476 12/3/2015

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