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Featured Clips

Donald Cerrone vs. Al Iaquinta

Hear guest Kevin Lee give his thoughts on the Donald Cerrone vs. Al Iaquinta fight.
00:01:35 5/17/2019

Past Episodes

Hear guest Jake Choi and the crew talk about how amazing Charlize Theron is.
00:01:40 5/16/2019
Joe Mulvihill saw Sean "Puffy" Combs win big at the Kentucky Derby with a losing bet. Hear how!
00:01:30 5/15/2019
Steve Austin is frugal. He's telling you why!
00:01:15 5/14/2019
Hear what Adam Carolla was told to do while teaching at a comedy traffic school back in the day!
00:01:30 5/13/2019
Hear Chael give his thoughts about VICE's "Dark Side of the Ring," and the death of Brusier Brody.
00:01:30 5/10/2019
Hear Luis Fonsi talk about Daddy Yankee and his role in becoming the first reggaeton superstar.
00:01:25 5/9/2019
Dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu reveals the negative effect of a substance found in a lot of packaged food.
00:01:05 4/29/2019
WWE Legend Jerry "The King" Lawler had a heart attack in 2012 - hear his journey through it.
00:01:45 4/28/2019
Hear why Chael thinks Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones are going to fight soon.
00:01:30 4/27/2019
Kevin & Jenna are joined by the ladies of Mama Said, Jamie & Jenna. Together, they discuss seeing things through their kid's eyes.
00:01:15 4/26/2019


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