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Featured Clips

Evidence: An Empty Box

How will this case be solved when one of the only pieces of evidence is an empty box? Find out.
00:01:45 11/9/2018

Past Episodes

Stevie & Sazan discuss cultural differences in a relationship - things you learn, new experiences, and fabulous food!
00:01:59 11/9/2018
Amber and Chris react to a woman claiming to have sexual relations with many ghosts and is now engaged to one...and pregnant?
00:01:35 11/9/2018
Captain Phillips writer Billy Ray explains why The Godfather really is the best movie ever.
00:01:59 10/18/2018
How this man got a $220,000 fine and 5 years probation after his own gender reveal party. What should they name the baby?
00:02:01 10/11/2018
How Jenny McCarthy's parents found out she was in Playboy. Plus, the vacation trick up her sleeve.
00:02:14 10/11/2018
Amber and Chris debate the appropriate spend on a ring. Love, money, or both?
00:02:03 10/10/2018
Know what you know and know what you don't know. Plus, the simplest advice of all - be ready to work! Hear Cindy's three keys to business success.
00:01:24 10/3/2018
How joining the Lakers is like "The Godfather."
00:01:13 10/3/2018
Avoiding Penalties The answer to defensive backs catching the ball is not to "not play bad defense." Hear the styles of coaching and potential penalty that makes this a problem.
00:03:10 10/2/2018
Perez and Chris share their thoughts on why they think Julie Chen will not remain host of Big Brother next season.
00:01:10 10/1/2018


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