Just Between Us with Sisters Bailee Madison & Kaitlin Vilasuso

#wishesformysister | The Young & The Restless Jordi Vilasuso, Sisters and actors Laura Marano and Vanessa Marano

Kaitlin Vilasuso takes us with her on her family vacation to Florida! Kaitlin and her husband,The Young & The Restless actor Jordi Vilasuso, are discovering they may need some parenting support and turn to YOU, our podcast listeners with a special call to action. And Jordi asks, "Am I smarter than my 2 year old?" Plus, Kaitlin and sister Bailee Madison are back on their double sister date with Laura Marano and Vanessa Marano. Together this hilarious sister duo talks behind the scenes info about the entertainment industry (hint: Spanx and body make up), music videos, and more on the Marano's upcoming film SAVING ZOň. Kaitlin ends the show with a big sister moment, sharing her writing titled "Wishes for my sister." Just Between Us is produced in partnership with PodcastOne and The Direct Message, with executive producers Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr. (Co-Founders of The Direct Message).  

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