Gals on the Go

time management, deciding to go back to school + application tips

Brooke and Danielle are joined by Kiara Madisen!  The gals discuss going to nursing school, having a traditional undergrad experience and how Kiara manages her multifaceted life.  Kiara shares some tips to fellow students and discusses how she organizes her life, her application process to nursing school and her Certified Nursing Assistant License. Kiara Madisen Instagram: Kiara Madisen Youtube: Check out the business of the week, Chic Geeks! Check out the business of the week on Instagram! Gals On The Go MERCH Lululemon Dupe Leggings: Lululemon Pullover: Danielle's Planner!!! Gals On The Go Instagram Brooke's Youtube Channel Brooke's Instagram Danielle's Youtube Channel Danielle's Instagram

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