The Queen Sesh Overshare (AUS)

How do we know when it's time for a divorce? Archetypal therapist Katie Eden Todd explains why we can be drawn to "cell mates" instead of "soul mates," signs we should leave a marriage and how to move on.

The Queen Sesh Overshare (AUS)
00:45:04 5/24/2018

Past Episodes

What do we do when our marriage hits rock bottom? Con and Annaliese speak to psychologist Dr Tim Sharp about the causes behind relationship stress and why happy couples argue better.

For more on Dr Tim Sharp: 

00:40:50 5/24/2018
The crap nobody talks about, literally. Con and Annaliese share their own birth stories, including the obstetrician who posed for a cheesy placenta photo and that one tiny little thing Con would rather forget.
00:33:38 5/24/2018
Why do we struggle physically - and mentally - to have sex after kids? Pelvic floor physiotherapist Taryn Hallam explains what really happens to our bodies during birth and the best positions for getting back in the sack.
00:41:51 5/24/2018
Can you learn to love your cellulite and saggy boobs? Con and Annaliese speak to Queens of all ages about the different body image issues they face and discuss the psychology behind why we see what we see in the mirror.
00:34:42 5/24/2018
How can we reduce social media anxiety - for ourselves and our kids? Con and Annaliese chat to psychologist Dr Amanda Gordon about how to be kind online and why mindfulness can be our biggest online bestie.
00:34:41 5/24/2018

Smashing the stereotype of "manly" men.The Queens and Triple M radio star Gus Worland discuss why it's ok for boys to cry and how parents can best navigate this brave new world of online bullying and porn.

If this episode causes concern, please call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14.

For more on smashing the stereotype of "manly" men, head to Gus Worland and Dr Tim Sharp's PodcastOne series Be A Man:

00:38:44 5/24/2018
Should you be best friends with your daughter? Con and Annaliese speak to child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg about his book The Princess Bitchface Syndrome and why the idea of being your daughter's best friend makes him want to vomit in your shoes.
00:34:44 5/24/2018
Why is there a stigma surrounding ADHD and medicating kids? Con and Annaliese speak to a Queen about her experience raising child with ADHD, the decision to medicate him and how the community has shunned her.
00:32:48 5/24/2018
The affair and the aftermath. One of our Queens spills the beans about why she had an affair, the moment her husband found out and how her relationship miraculously survived.
00:26:22 5/24/2018
Being a stepmother - fairytale or nightmare? Con opens up to Annaliese about how she's navigated her role as a stepmum and the challenges of living in a blended family, from disciplining someone else's kids to introducing new partners to your own.
00:30:46 5/24/2018

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