Gals on the Go

finance 101: budgeting, investing for beginners + building credit

Brooke and Danielle are joined by Taylor Price aka PricelessTay!  Taylor walks the girls through a finance 101 lesson which includes how to budget, how to tackle student loans, the best ways to invest and so much more.  The gals discuss building credit, when to get a credit card and the best tangible investment methods.  Enjoy! Taylor Price Instagram: Check out the business of the week, Check out the business of the week on Instagram! Gals On The Go MERCH Danielle's Planner!!! Gals On The Go Instagram Brooke's Youtube Channel Brooke's Instagram Danielle's Youtube Channel Danielle's Instagram Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! BetterHelp: Gals on the Go listeners get 10% off their first month at European Wax Center: Visit and book your reservation today-your first wax is free!

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