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fake Butts, Cheap Lipo & Anti Semitism w/ Dr. Nazarian

Joining me today is award-winning plastic surgeon and star of Skin Decision on Netflix. Dr. Sheila Nazarian! We discuss it all from who's getting work done and lying to you about it, one procedure you shouldn't get done, self esteem all the way to escaping Iran and anti semitism in the US. TIME CODES: 0 - 39:28 - She's here to tell us all about plastic surgery including procedures she recommends, what people are getting the most done right now, she confirms celebs are lying about being natural and calls them out, the current unrealistic beauty standards, what a vagina is supposed to look like, getting lipo done, types of butt surgeries, the most current most trending procedure that you should STAY AWAY FROM, the importance of loving yourself before going under the knife, and why you should NEVER get cheap plastic surgery! 39:28 - 1:14:00 - We then have an in depth conversation about our shared faith and religion. Sheila tells the story of her family being smuggled into Pakistan from Iran and later moving to the US to escape anti-Semitism. How she met the man who saved her family's life, the holocaust, the reason I legally changed my jewish last name, how anti-Semitism is still very much an issue all over the world even within the US, including personal stories.

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