Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Shan Boodram: Achieving Your Pleasure Potential

Today's guest describes herself as Dr. Ruth meets Rihanna and the Walmart greeter of intimacy, and we're so happy she's welcomed us into the intimacy convo to discuss turn on triggers, fantasies, becoming a better dater, and just generally how we can maximize our pleasure potential. Kaitlyn and Shan are talking everything sex, intimacy, and dating, from what sex positivity even means to dating app red flags. The two are also answering questions from the Vinos that get into how to discuss sex and pleasure with your partner, self-pleasure, and using toys in the bedroom. Shan shares a confession relating to her own love life, and the two work on cracking the case of Pete Davidson... What is it about that guy that just does it for people? This is such a fun episode no matter what your love life looks like. If you're looking to make connections, check out Bumble, and find Shan on Instagram @ShanBoody!

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