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Political Commentator Dave Rubin explains how his political shift has been received by his fellow LGBTQ community, including his view that once you have equality, you don't owe anyone.

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00:02:08 6/14/2018

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00:01:20 2/21/2019
Natalie reveals Lolo Jones' mentality and what she believes to be her "other side" on Big Brother.
00:02:15 2/20/2019
Robyn Kass, casting director for Big Brother, delivers the big speech before marrying Jessica and Cody.
00:01:10 2/20/2019
The Fly joins Steve to talk some smack before they enter the ring.
00:01:30 2/19/2019
Hear the chaos that erupted when "You're Welcome" from Moana turned off unexpectedly.
00:01:10 2/18/2019
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00:01:35 2/17/2019
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00:01:45 2/16/2019
Is Jewelry a good gift? Heather explains gift giving through her father.
00:01:00 2/15/2019
Hear the story of Chael's dinner with Cowboy Donald Cerrone, who couldn't quite seem to translate "bathroom" for a barmaid in Australia.
00:01:15 2/15/2019
Kurt Angle gets a reality check when jumping into the pro wrestling ring for the first time and gets smacked around.
00:01:25 2/14/2019


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