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Yes, You CAN Exercise Too Much! Will Ahmed Talks Overtraining

Did you know a big week at work can be harder on your body than running a marathon? Or that playing a spirited game of ping pong can affect your ability to "throw down" on the tennis court?Harvard graduate and entrepreneur Will Ahmed says your body can be under immense strain... without you even knowing it!With that in mind, he created a system to uncover the "secrets" your body is trying to tell you.That system is WHOOP, a wearable band Will describes as a "24/7 life coach."WHOOP gathers data on your heart rate, temperature, respiration, sleep patterns, and other metrics - helping you understand how your body works, and what it needs to thrive.Ultimately, this can help you train smarter, sleep better, and even deal with jet lag! And for Dr. Gundry Podcast listeners, you'll receive $30 off - enter code "gundry" for $30 off a new Whoop Strap 2.0 and subscription at today's show, Will and I will discuss how his experience as a college squash player inspired him to create WHOOP. We'll also talk about how WHOOP is helping elite athletes, and Fortune 500 executives "bounce back" from everyday stressors - and how it can help YOU, too. Additionally, Will shares a simple "hack" to avoid feeling rundown, takes on WHOOP's critics, and discusses the "big picture" implications of using data to optimize human performance.

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