The Dr. Gundry Podcast

Would you eat algae? | Ep165

Catharine and I discuss how certain types of algae can be used to support your energy levels, immune response, skin health and so much more. We also explain how algae works to fill nutritional gaps, and ultimately, how it might help support your immune system to set you up to handle serious illness. Full transcript and show notes: Thanks to today's sponsors. Check them out! Get a quote today at and see why 4 out of 5 new auto customers recommend Progressive. Get 25% off the entire InsideTracker store. Just go to Get free shipping worldwide and 15% off any Blublox glasses by going to or enter code GUNDRY at check out. For a weekly dose of positivity, touches of humor and uplifting stories subscribe to Knockin' Doorz Down wherever you get podcasts at and find them at KDD Media Company dot com.

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