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Women's Heart Health, with Dr. Retu Saxena and Natasha Karn

More women die of heart disease annually than men. Few women, however, perceive heart disease as their greatest health threat, even though the disease claims more lives than the next four leading causes of death combined. In this episode, Dr. Retu Saxena of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® -- sponsors of February's Valentine's Day TC 5K -- discusses women's heart health issues. She's joined by Natasha Karn, a Twin Cities attorney who suffered a heart attack 36 weeks into her third pregnancy and shares the story of her diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Listen to a comprehensive conversation about women's heart health -- the seriousness of the disease, the state of research, important risk factors, and preventative lifestyle choices - on this episode of Move. Together. Information on women's heart health from the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation®: Learn more about the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation®: Twin Cities In Motion's Valentine's Day TC 5K page: Learn more about Twin Cities In Motion:

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