Geffen Playhouse Unscripted

Will Roland joins Rory in New York to talk about his new show, "Be More Chill" and the reception its received. Plus, they talking about how being a native New Yorker influences his work, his Broadway history, and working on "Dear Evan Hansen."

Geffen Playhouse Unscripted
00:50:00 7/10/2019

Past Episodes

Actor Michael James Scott joins Rory to talk about playing the Genie in Aladdin, their meeting during Book of Mormon, how to make a performance feel like the first time despite having done it for a long time, his training, and watching new actors take on roles they've previously played.
00:47:24 9/4/2019
Actress Vella Lovell joins Rory to talk about her new starring role in "Witch" at the Geffen. Plus, her time on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, working with Rachel Bloom, attending not one but TWO colleges for the arts, the importance of diverse voices in the arts, and doing shows Broadway.
00:45:06 8/21/2019
Legendary composer Danny Elfman joins Rory to talk about his recently joining social media, how negative reviews early in his career helped create his success, beginning as a street musician, how he went from rock star to film composer, and his recent classical work and new violin concerto, "Eleven Eleven."
01:16:52 8/6/2019
Tony winner Lindsay Mendez joins Rory to talk about their working together on a project that never quite made it to Broadway, the differences between being on a stage and a set, working jobs before the big break, and her new CBS show "All Rise".
00:51:56 7/31/2019
Criminal Minds star Kirsten Vangness sits down with Rory to talk about the challenge getting started in the Los Angeles theater community, the importance of LA actors knowing their value, loving the art in yourself and not yourself in the art, the serendipity of how Criminal Minds came about for her, and writing for the show.
00:58:35 7/24/2019
Actress Cynthia Erivo joins Rory for a special interview from Atlanta where she talks about her brand new serialized podcast "Carrier", her growing film and TV resume, her feelings when she first came to Broadway, and whether or not she's planning a return!
00:34:14 7/17/2019
Broadway and West End veteran Gavin Creel joins Rory to talk about the career journey and different perspectives you have with each age milestone, teaching, the challenge acting in film/tv versus on the stage, his many Tony noms, and seeing yourself within your characters.
01:00:20 7/3/2019
Kerry Butler, currently starring in Beetlejuice on Broadway, sits down with Rory to talk about the show, her big break in Hairspray, and her very successful Broadway career. Plus, working with students and teaching the patience to have on the way to succeeding.
00:52:34 6/26/2019
Actor Alan Tudyk sits down with Rory to talk about his new show, "Mysterious Circumstances", now running at the Geffen. Learn his background in the theater, his journey to New York, his voice acting career, the surprise of landing a role in "Spamalot!", and his web-series "Con Man." Plus, hear his HUGE Firefly prediction!
00:55:17 6/19/2019
Actress, writer, and show-runner Jamie Denbo joins Rory to talk about her new show, "American Princess" currently airing now on Lifetime on Sundays at 10/9c. Plus, learn how her own personal history with Renaissance Fairs influenced the authenticity of the show!
00:53:46 6/12/2019

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