Whine with Kelly

Music City's Alexandra Harper, Alisa Beth Fuller & Rachyl Degman

Kelly sits down with @Alexandra__harper @alisabethfuller and @rachyldegman from Music City to discuss reality TV show life, married life, drinking too much in college and finally getting boobs at age 25\. Kelly also pops in at the end to talk about Chris Brown, R Kelly, Ariana Grande and the Oscar Nominations. Remember to check out @kelly.keegs IG LIVE every week for Bachelor Recaps, and @whinewithkelly IGTV to rewatch for the rest of your life. Also check out whinewithkelly.com for ~*blogs*~ FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com

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