City vs. Country

When a Date Falls In the Forest Does Anyone Hear?

Christine is a single girl from Puyallup who's had a tough time meeting good guys. We have given her a choice between Country Boy Ron from Yelm and City Boy Adam from Issaquah. Ron wants to take her to the Morton Loggers Jubilee which is something in which his family has participated for many years as a logging family. He promises a very nice, mellow, easy-going time with food and crafts and beer and probably meeting his family. City Boy Adam has tickets to the Broadway show "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. And he suggests before going to the show, they head over to Boehm's Chocolate in Issaquah and take a brief tour and eat a bunch of chocolate. The P1's aren't particularly thrilled with either guy, but Christine says going to the play is something she would normally do and she wants something different so she chooses Country Boy Ron and the Morton Logger's Jubilee. We know they met up - by how did it go?

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