What's Working in Washington

What's Working in Washington - Ep 99 EXTRA: Capital Tech Coalition

The D.C. tech industry has struggled to find its voice on issues affecting business and area values, but a recently-founded coalition seeks to turn the tide.

00:15:03 6/2/2017

Past Episodes

Stephen Fuller's latest report, Amazon's HQ2 bids in the region and what to expect in the coming weeks from Andy Medici, money reporter for Washington Business Journal.
00:09:09 1/31/2018
Today's entrepreneur needs to be sensitive to the fact that their passion, their clear sense of vision, the way that they interact with their most important assets, their people, are critical building blocks in entrepreneurship and in business success.
00:10:01 1/29/2018
Founder and President of Glassman Wealth Services discusses how tax reform will affect residents in the national capital region.
00:09:09 1/26/2018
Aaron Gregg of the Washington Post explores what's going on and what trends are emerging in DC's business community.
00:09:23 1/23/2018
Local business community is boosted by immigrants and multinational businesses, particularly Latin American businesses.
00:09:17 1/22/2018
Society is getting wiser on how to communicate its support of mistrust of politicians, movements and brands. Richard Levick offers insight on what to expect next.
00:09:45 1/19/2018
The opportunity to do business overseas can create thousands of jobs for an economy and many for business. In the current environment, sometimes people scratch their head and wonder: Is this still a good time to do international business? Joshua Walker is the head of Global Strategic Initiatives with The Eurasia Group. Hes a diplomatic expert in international trade and business.
00:09:05 1/17/2018
Chuck Brooks was recently named by LinkedIn as one of the top five people to follow in cybersecurity issues among their 500 million members
00:08:52 1/15/2018
UPIC Health founder Mary Tucker carries three mantras: be happy, be awesome, and help others with becoming one and two.
00:08:44 1/12/2018
One of the best-known and constant voices traveling the airways in the D.C. region is the host of the Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
00:07:55 1/10/2018

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