What's Working in Washington

What's Working in Washington - Ep 99 EXTRA: Capital Tech Coalition

The D.C. tech industry has struggled to find its voice on issues affecting business and area values, but a recently-founded coalition seeks to turn the tide.

15:03 6/2/2017

Past Episodes

New startup Phone2Action focuses on advocacy and the importance of amplifying individual voices. The technology matches people with their elected officials at every level, said co-founder Ximena Hartsock.
09:09 10/13/2017
After growing and selling a successful tech company, Chris Parker founded New Horizon Wines by turning his passion into an international business.
09:02 10/11/2017
One area company is working hard to bring more jobs back into the greater Washington region. There are ample jobs in Virginia, but access to them is low since they're centralized in specific areas, so they're not being filled, says the company founder.
09:11 10/9/2017
Despite the vastly changing times in business and technology, Junior Achievement continues to train young people to work in the real world and expose them to an array of opportunities.

"We were founded almost a hundred years ago, teaching kids how to start businesses, how to run businesses," said Ed Grenier, President of Junior Achievement, a not-for-profit organization introducing young people to opportunities and helping them forward towards a successful adulthood.
09:32 10/6/2017
One of the biggest challenges for leaders is accomplishing change, particularly at moments of crisis and risk.

Chris Fussell, managing officer of the McChrystal Group and author of "One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams" says his biggest military lesson is that team decisionmaking must be decentralized down to those frontline elements, that are closest to these fast-changing problems.
08:55 10/4/2017
This week marks D.C. Techweek, an opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies in the greater Washington region to better raise capital, recruit talent, select advisors, and network.

"We think technology is one of the biggest drivers of our economy. It's one of the only industries thats experienced positive job growth over the last twelve months," said Matt Coursen, managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle.
08:50 10/2/2017
In this EXTRA, we sit down with three of the area's experts on communication to talk about what our First Amendment means today, its limits and its controversies.
28:00 9/25/2017
Immigrants are one of the biggest factors that help the D.C. region grow and sustain itself.

"My mission in the office is to improve the quality [of life] for D.C.s Latino residents," says Jackie Reyes, director of the Mayors office on Latino Affairs, to learn more about how immigration benefits the greater Washington area.
09:22 9/22/2017
What makes a great entrepreneur? Its not always clear.

To find out what exactly fits the bill of entrepreneur in todays economy, Whats Working in Washington spoke to Gene Riechers, a D.C. tech executive, founder, investor and expert.
08:56 9/20/2017
First things first. Update your profile on professional social media sites, says Frances Reimers, a personal brand consultant and founder of brand consulting business Firestarter LLC.
09:22 9/18/2017

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