What's Working in Washington

What's Working in Washington - Ep 92 New tech methods change pre-school education - Jack McCarthy

The CEO of one of the largest educators for three- and four-year-olds in DC says new tech methods are changing the pre-school education.

What's Working in Washington
00:09:21 5/24/2017

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Lee Kestler, chief commercial officer at Vantage Data Centers, discusses how important data centers are to the region's economy, and how they work to assist businesses, schools, and our every day lives.
00:11:54 1/13/2019
Shubham Issar, co-founder of SoaPen, discusses how her company's product helps keep kids clean by making hand washing fun. Issar also discusses why D.C. gives a home to a deep community of social impact startups and companies.
00:09:40 1/10/2019
Douglas Britt, senior vice president of product at Patrocinium, discusses his company's new personnel tracking system that helps first respondents know where employees and the public are in the event of an emergency situation, and how companies can sell products that consumers hope to never have to use.
00:09:27 1/8/2019
Ken Schmidt, former director of communications at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, discusses his new book, Make Some Noise, and unique philosophy to making sure your branding and marketing stand out from the competition.
00:11:35 1/6/2019
Zhensen Huang, founder of Precise Software Solutions, discusses the role that his company plays in helping people get access to information on their medication, as well as the ways that entrepreneurs and government can work together to innovate and help the lives of all our citizens.
00:09:39 12/20/2018
Amelia Friedman, co-founder of Hatch Apps, discusses how her startup is helping to expand access to software and app creation. Friedman also explains why it's important for investors in startups and small businesses to be partners, not just funders.
00:09:14 12/18/2018
Mirza Baig, partner and co-leader at Aldrich Capital Partners, discusses what it's like to move from being an entrepreneur to a venture investor, and how that puts him in the specific position of relating to the journeys and hardships of startups and businesses looking for funding.
00:10:49 12/16/2018
Hank Thomas, co-founder and CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures, discusses his accidental journey into venture capital as well as the importance of the growing cybersecurity product industry.
00:09:50 12/13/2018
Kieran McQuilkin, new market editor at D.C.'s American Inno, discusses the D.C. tech community and some of the hottest new and rising trends for innovation in the region.
00:09:58 12/11/2018
Vanessa Gill, creator of social venture Social Cipher, discusses her life on the autism spectrum and her efforts to encourage empathy and understanding through the lens of gamification.
00:11:28 12/9/2018

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