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What's Working in Washington - Ep 81 Partnering with millennials helps non-profits adapt - Rosie Allen-Herring

While the drive behind traditional non-profits is ever present, many of them are quickly adapting to ensure enthusiastic engagement of the millennial generation, according to Rosie Allen-Herring, President and CEO of United Way of the National Capital Area (NCA).

00:00:00 5/9/2017

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In this special double-feature episode, we hold two separate panels with two pairs of experts. First, Oliver Schlake, Clinical Professor at Robert H. Smith School of Business; and Jack McDougle, president and CEO of the GWBT, discuss how to grow the region's economy through new technology and product-oriented businesses. Next, Ed Bersoff, serial entrepreneur and angel investor; and Tami Howie, partner at DLA Piper and former CEO of Maryland Tech Council, discuss how the Tandem Product Academy works to spur innovation in the D.C. area.
00:28:04 10/14/2018
Chris Hopfensberger, founding executive director of Software.org, discusses the need for further pushing STEM in education in order to prepare citizens for the jobs of the future.
00:09:03 10/11/2018
Eric Bednash, CEO of cloud technology and security company Racktop Systems, explains what the cloud actually is, and delineates the advantages and disadvantages to running a product company versus a services-based company.
00:09:00 10/9/2018
Brad Traverse, director of government relations for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and founder of Brad Traverse Jobs, discusses his mission of getting people involved and employed in the government relations industry.
00:10:34 10/7/2018
Jim Hunt, managing partner at Lavrock Ventures, discusses the role that venture capital plays in the D.C. region, and what technology industries hold deep promise for the future.
00:08:46 10/4/2018
Michael Brett, chief executive officer at quantum computing software company QxBranch, discusses exactly how quantum computing can serve as a revolution in a wide range of industries, working hand in hand with classical computers.
00:09:48 10/2/2018
Gayle Weiswasser, SVP of Communications at Homesnap, discusses the biggest differences between working at a large corporation and working at a startup. As it turns out, different environments help different people thrive.
00:11:29 9/30/2018
David Gorodetski, COO and co-founder of Sage Communications, discusses the difficulty that comes with managing communications for startups and businesses. Gorodetski also outlines the clear difference between advertising and public relations.
00:08:58 9/27/2018
Steve Harris, senior vice president and general manager at Dell EMC Federal, discusses the structure of relationships when a business's main customer is the federal government, and how public sector work is seen by the rest of the country.
00:08:21 9/25/2018
Lauren Maffeo, software-as-a-service expert and senior content analyst at GetApp, provides some comforting answers to questions surrounding AI and machine learning. No, AI isn't after your job, but big changes are coming down the pipeline.
00:10:30 9/23/2018

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