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What's Working in Washington - Ep 241 - Teaching business students how to fail - Jim Liew

Jim Liew, co-founder of tech firm SoKat and assistant professor at Johns Hopkins Business School, discusses how the D.C. region's universities are teaching entrepreneurs to take advantage of new technologies, like blockchain, AI, and machine learning. Perhaps more important, however, is how universities are teaching entrepreneurial students to get up after they fail, and learn from their mistakes.

00:09:03 6/14/2018

Past Episodes

On this EXTRA episode, Stanley McChrystal, retired US Army General and co-author of Leaders: Myth and Reality, discusses what leadership actually means -- it isn't a magic power doled out by a rare great man.
00:28:04 11/11/2018
This week, we spoke with Tom Gardner, co-founder of investment and consultation company Motley Fool, to understand the company's history, and the way markets are flowing in light of recent economic developments.
00:28:04 11/4/2018
Terry Hsiao, serial entrepreneur of companies like Hook Mobile and co-developer on projects like the one that helped unify the global texting platform, discusses current and future trends in telecommunications and the best qualities for entrepreneurship.
00:08:26 11/1/2018
Josh Mandell, director of policy and international programs at Halcyon, discusses how Halcyon is spurring entrepreneurs and social ventures into doing good for the world while also growing a business.
00:09:01 10/30/2018
Chris Lewis, co-author of The Leadership Lab: Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century, discusses how overconfidence and the myth of leader infallibility can result in bad outcomes for everything from business to geopolitics.
00:10:25 10/28/2018
Arthur Herman, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and popular historian, discusses the way that new industries embracing quantum computing will require experts that are already rising in the D.C. region.
00:10:05 10/25/2018
Blake Allison, CEO and president of LifeCents and founder and chairman of Valor, discusses how financial health is much more than just knowing the jargon.
00:09:37 10/23/2018
On this episode, we speak with Jacqueline Baker, Innovation Program Manager for AARP, to discuss how innovation is spurred in D.C., in no small part thanks to the AARP Innovation Labs Grand Pitch Event coming later this October.
00:11:21 10/21/2018
In this special double-feature episode, we hold two separate panels with two pairs of experts. First, Oliver Schlake, Clinical Professor at Robert H. Smith School of Business; and Jack McDougle, president and CEO of the GWBT, discuss how to grow the region's economy through new technology and product-oriented businesses. Next, Ed Bersoff, serial entrepreneur and angel investor; and Tami Howie, partner at DLA Piper and former CEO of Maryland Tech Council, discuss how the Tandem Product Academy works to spur innovation in the D.C. area.
00:28:04 10/14/2018
Chris Hopfensberger, founding executive director of Software.org, discusses the need for further pushing STEM in education in order to prepare citizens for the jobs of the future.
00:09:03 10/11/2018

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