What's Working in Washington

What's Working in Washington - Ep 118 Local bank reveals key to success - Ron Paul

Chairman and CEO Ron Paul said EagleBank's success has always been tied to growing and managing business relationships.

08:44 7/10/2017

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Rob Terry, senior writer with the Washington Business Journal and expert in current contracting trends, says many companies are looking to scale upward to increase profits.
07:12 11/17/2017
More proof that entrepreneurs come to Washington to start something, and to have a real impact.
07:58 11/15/2017
In the private sector, it's universally accepted that professional development is one of the responsibilities of an employer. The public sector, however, is only just catching on.
08:53 11/13/2017
Many smart people have no real plan for their retirement, according to Anne McCabe Triana, president and CEO of Curo Private Wealth, and an expert in helping people manage and grow their own wealth.
07:59 11/10/2017
DC's entrepreneurial community is strong and present in the region, but doesn't always do a good job of showing itself. "The culture here in D.C. is not a money culture or necessarily a venture capital culture. It is becoming an innovation culture," says Warren Getler.
08:43 11/8/2017
While telecom as an industry peaked in the late 90s, new software is ensuring that voice communication is still necessary, according to Jim Kenefick, CEO of Better World Telecom.
08:56 11/6/2017
The source of a region's growth is a subject of much debate, but is usually the result of intelligent decisions made by policymakers and leaders.

One of those leaders is Jerry Gordon, president and CEO of Fairfax County Economic Development Agency.
08:34 11/3/2017
Bob London, CEO of marketing firm Chief Listening Officers, believes in a more effective way of influencing people.
09:22 11/1/2017
How local conscious capitalists are doing business with the Vatican
08:15 10/30/2017
An initiative with programs in over 100 cities around the world is seeing success in the chapter covering the DMV area.

"The Founder Institute is a program based out of Silicon Valley, with a mission to bring Silicon Valley to the rest of the world," said Rosemarie Truman, founder and CEO for the Center of Advancing Innovation, as well as the director of the Founder Institute, a program working to help startups grow through mentorship.
08:54 10/27/2017

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