It's Not Only Football: Friday Night Lights and Beyond

What To Do While You're Waiting

Scott Porter, Zach Gilford & Mae Whitman discuss Friday Night Lights, Season 1, Episode 12, "What To Do While You're Waiting". It's NOT Only Football, this episode is about kids acting like adults, boundaries, & parent-child relationships. Panthers are on bye, Saracen gets his father a job at Buddy's dealership, Waverlash (Waverly & Smash) try to find common ground, building an entire Carnival, we meet Tyra's mom & abusive boyfriend, the Street family files a lawsuit against the school & Coach Taylor, a tough conversation between Jason & his mom, and Street's father squares off with Coach. Plus, memories from the FNL 10 year anniversary party, shooting during golden hour, self-given nicknames, Smash & Saracen bloopers, Scott learning to drive stick for the show, Street's wardrobe, and more! In "Overtime", Aztec Burgers, filming in real high schools, and Zach & Mae recreate a scene between Saracen & his dad. PLUS, the group answers YOUR questions from YouTube & the Apple Podcasts Rate & Review section, in "Press Box"!

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