West Coast Unplugged

Westcoast Unplugged: Lakers Update with ESPN LA Lakers Talk Show Host...ALLEN SLIWA

WCU back on mic with ESPN LA Lakers Talk Show Host Allen Sliwa breaking down all things Lakers.... Brandon Ingram's play...the missing ingredient to current Lakers team... Kevin Durant comments about free agents coming (or not coming) to play in LA with Lebron.... the trade rumors around Bradley Beal or John Wall to Lakers...Lonzo Ball offensive game...

West Coast Unplugged
00:27:20 12/6/2018

Past Episodes

WCU Back after week hiatus for Thankgiving talking all things UCLA & USC football....Chargers & Rams success and high octane offenses....Lakers inconsistent play with trade rumors swirling on Bradley Beal....Clippers currently sitting on top of Western Conference... Sizzler Restaurants
00:34:33 11/30/2018
WCU: the Crew is back and Aaron is coming home... evacuated from home but back in time for Westcoast Unplugged and just in time to break down all the NFL Action in LA with Rams & Chargers along with LeVeon Bell situation....USC vs UCLA Football Rivalry Week... Future of Coach Clay Helton...USC Basketball Recruiting Sitting at #1 in rankings... Lakers team starting to gel but is Brandon Ingram a fit and what is his future as a Laker
00:50:36 11/15/2018
WCU welcomes back Friend of the Show.... RYAN HOLLINS. Ryan shares his opinion on Lakers news with signing of Tyson Chandler, the pressure on Luke Walton, is Brandon Ingram a good fit in LA, and the most suprising team in NBA so far... College basketball starts with major excitement with Zion Williamson at DUKE....UCLA Basketball deep & athletic team..
00:22:49 11/8/2018
Westcoast Unplugged with Tim back on the mic breaks down all the aftermath of the very disappointing Dodgers world series loss, the future, the necessary changes, Bryce Harper potential, and much more... Lakeshow starting off 2-5 playing no defense and the rumor mill of Anthony "Brow" Davis to LA....USC & UCLA Football not playing good ball at all and the recent changes to USC Football Staff by Helton....UCLA faces Oregon in Oregon this weekend... Rams on fire undefeated and clearly LA's team.... Halloween bringing joy to all and what is Tim is going to be wearing is a big mystery..
00:42:35 10/31/2018
Westcoast Unplugged is joined by former Dodgers World Series MVP and 6 time All Star....RON CEY. Ron shares the big play of Yasiel Puig in Game 7 in NLCS...the bullpen heading into series for Red Sox....Justin Turner all-around play...Ron's favorite memories playing in World Series & Playoffs... the play of David Freeze and what he means to the team... outlook for the series and the challenges the Dodgers face against the Red Sox
00:00:00 10/23/2018
WCU is joined by ESPN LA Lakers Talk Host Allen Sliwa who shares the excitement of Lakers Fan with opening week of regular season beginning....impact of Lebron James.... who maybe the breakout player of the team.....roles of Lance Stephenson & Michael Beasley.... could Lakers win at Portland on opening night....predictions of # of wins for the regular season 2018-19
00:00:00 10/18/2018
WCU welcomes in former MLB All-Star, MVP, Dodgers & Padres Legend....STEVE GARVEY. Steve shares his insight on the difference between 2017 vs 2018 Dodgers Team... outlook of team going into Milwaukee Series... the importance of the bullpen to come through during key moments coming up.... best memories playing in postseason...LA/San Diego living....Manny Machado analysis and future as a Dodger....
00:14:15 10/12/2018
WCU is joined by former MLB Player Marlon Byrd to break down all the MLB Playoff matchups and teams including Boston, Houston, Milwaukee, and Dodgers.... why Houston is so strong and flying under the radar... Milwaukee scary team to face coming in with a lot of momentum.... Dodgers chances to get back to World Series.... Billy Miller joins in the conversation to talk Lebron pre-season debut with Lakers.... Rams on fire....Raiders get first win over Browns... USC average play...UCLA disastrous start...Westlake High Football struggling last couple weeks..
00:33:00 10/3/2018
WCU welcomes back Friend of the Show....RYAN HOLLINS. Ryan breaks down the moments of Lebron James first day officially wearing Lakers at media day....the new faces on the team "MUD" ....the young kids & Luke Walton's ability to have multiple types of lineups.... Kawhi Leonard awkward first day/reaction to reporter in Toronto as a Raptor...Jimmy Butler situation in Minnesota who is looking to get traded to LA or NY....Rams talk of the town for football in LA... Chip Kelly needing time at UCLA... excitement for Ryan to play in college basketball still bringing best memories for him.
00:22:21 9/25/2018
Westcoast Unplugged welcomes Nick Hamilton in to break down all So Cal Football teams....Rams, Raiders, Chargers, UCLA, & USC from this past weekend & the good & bad situations in the near & long-term future for each team.
00:40:04 9/12/2018

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