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VA MISSION Act funding to take center stage in upcoming 2020 budget battles

Budget debates for 2019 just ended and congressional appropriators are on to 2020. Lawmakers looking at the Department of Veterans Affairs see an agency still reeling with change. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said the agency is in the middle of one of the greatest transformations in the department's history. Federal News Network's Nicole Ogrysko provided the latest on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

Federal Drive with Tom Temin
00:07:00 2/26/2019

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Federal acquisition experts say the frustration over the time it takes the government to buy something and the impact of new technology are starting to align. The Trump administration, Congress and industry are set to make the first significant changes to federal procurement since the 1990s. In his weekly feature, the Reporter's Notebook, Federal News Network Executive Eeditor Jason Miller writes about why you might be witnessing a sort of new golden age of acquisition reform. Jason joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin for the latest details.
00:09:33 5/20/2019
The architects of the Trump administration's proposed merger of the Office of Personnel Management will face some tough questions from lawmakers today. The administration last week sent its proposal to merge OPM and the General Services Administration to Capitol Hill. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) is the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Government Operations Subcommittee. He told Federal News Network's Nicole Ogrysko he still has a lot of questions about the administration's proposed OPM-GSA merger. Hear more on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
00:09:19 5/20/2019
Congress has a busy week in its final days before the Memorial Day recess. Members will be discussing the 2020 budget and a big infrastructure spending bill with the White House. Last year's shutdown seems to loom in their minds. Federal Drive with Tom Temin heard more from David Hawkings, editor-in-chief of The Fulcrum, formerly the Firewall.
00:09:25 5/20/2019
Can speech patterns detect the presence of post-traumatic stress disorder in the speaker? That's the theory behind a study recently presented at an international conference. One of the study's directors was Dr. Charles Marmar, chairman of the Psychiatry Department of New York University. Earlier he discussed his breakthrough research on Federal Drive with Tom Temin, starting with his federal background.
00:16:22 5/20/2019
The House appropriations committee has arrived at its version of the 2020 Defense budget. It's lower than the administration wanted. But it does plus up a few things on the acquisition side. Federal Drive with Tom Temin got an early contractor reaction from David Berteau, president and CEO of the Professional Services Council.
00:08:25 5/19/2019
Whistleblowers often get little satisfaction in taking their concerns to first line managers. Sometimes they become the butt of retaliation. They often take their concerns to members of Congress where the first reception line is staff members. Now the Government Accountability Office has issued a set of best practices for Hill staff. Federal Drive with Tom Temin spoke with the GAO's director of strategic issues, Michelle Sager, about the practices.
00:08:44 5/19/2019
Federal employees across government will start to see the 2019 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey in their inboxes in the coming weeks. But the Department of Veterans Affairs is taking a different approach to measure its own employee engagement. It chose last year to combine questions from its own all-employee survey and questions from the FEVS to create a single engagement questionnaire. Employees' satisfaction with the organization went up nearly six points last year. Dee Ramsel is the executive director for VA's National Center for Organization Development. She spoke with Federal News Network's Nicole Ogrysko about why the VA chose to administer its own survey and much more.
00:22:08 5/19/2019
Podcasting appeals to a growing number of businesses and federal agencies. The FDIC has jumped in big. Its Money Smart Podcast Network has episodes to help consumers with a range of financial questions. It even put out a new podcast looking back at the 2008 financial crisis. Federal News Network's Eric White spoke to Luke Reynolds, chief of Outreach and Program Development at FDIC's Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection, and Diane Ellis, the director of Insurance and Research. Hear more on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.
00:08:59 5/16/2019
Having spent years developing policy and practices for protection of critical infrastructure, the Department of Homeland Security has a newer charge. It's developed a long list of critical functions. Robert Kolasky, director of the National Risk Management Center, part of the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about what they are and how to deal with them.
00:09:18 5/16/2019
Not many people can claim to have revolutionized the art and science of weather prediction. Venkatachalam Ramaswamy came up with a plan adopted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to substantially upgrade its operational prediction model. Ramaswamy is director of NOAA's geophysical fluid dynamics laboratory, as well as a a finalist in this year's Service to America Medals program. He joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about his work.
00:09:28 5/16/2019

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