Killer Klips

Michael Harrison conducts an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity about his encounter with Ted Koppel, freedom of speech, and changes in the conservative media landscape.

00:03:26 4/16/2017

Past Episodes

Corinne gives her thoughts on two former Bachelor contestants going back to film Bachelor in Paradise, and what that means for their relationship.
00:01:20 1/19/2018
Terry describes this "love story" to get Heather to see Shape of Water, but she is not impressed. Hear what movie she does recommend!
00:01:10 1/19/2018
Shaq explains why, if he could fight any celebrity, he'd want to fight "big, punk-a** Jose Canseco."
00:01:10 1/12/2018
How leftover dinner and a self-packed lunch made other kids ask, "Who could have it better than him?"
00:00:55 1/12/2018
Was this unidentified woman traveling with a baby? Hear what the experts say about the discovered diapers and unidentifiable body.
00:01:30 1/6/2018
Find out who helped Shaq and Porzingis both break records during their time. The record: youngest player with 25 points and 2 blocks a game.
00:01:30 1/6/2018
Hear why Tom still had Jack "take care of" his footballs after joining the Patriots.
00:00:45 12/29/2017
A reminder of how the warmth of this legend's voice changed the lives of many.
00:01:15 12/29/2017
Learn why Alexa worked through the nerves to go public with her story.
00:01:50 12/29/2017
Shaq and John clash on rapper T.I.'s view, but Shaq reveals why he doesn't care what your opinion is.
00:01:10 12/21/2017


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