Killer Klips

Michael Harrison conducts an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity about his encounter with Ted Koppel, freedom of speech, and changes in the conservative media landscape.

03:26 4/16/2017

Past Episodes

The LadyGang answers a listeners question about her relationship.
02:34 8/15/2017
Steve Austin sits with Post Malone and finds out what his rap name would be.
01:30 8/14/2017
Denise sits with former FBI Executive Lauren Anderson and talk drug running!
02:51 8/9/2017
Shaq coaching full time??
01:36 8/8/2017
Jason Bateman sits with Spike and talks about a time when he passed out at a day spa!
05:21 8/6/2017
Little Girl Lost!
01:27 8/2/2017
Lilian talks with Dave Bautista about how a fan tells him "F U" when he tried to come back to the WWE.
01:27 7/31/2017
Brittany Jane Furlan joins the ladies in studio and explains how having the initials "BJ" wasn't the best thing for a little girl growing up!
01:27 7/27/2017
Kaitlyn talks with country singer Walker Hayes who reveals he has "dude crushes" on Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp and who?
01:27 7/27/2017
Andrew Zimmern is sitting with Richard and explains how an off night of shooting his TV show turns into his exorcism!
01:27 7/27/2017


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