Under Review - The Podcast

Lots of NBA Free agency reaction, but mostly, it's about the wieners - Nathans Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition odds and futures.

Under Review - The Podcast
00:18:29 7/3/2019

Past Episodes

Dave and Damon continue their divisional betting odds breakdowns with th e AFC South. AFC South Winning Odds: Indianapolis Colts -125 Houston Texans +300 Jacksonville Jaguars +500 Tennessee Titans +650 ? AFC South Wins Odds:...
00:24:52 8/8/2019
Dave and Damon take on the AFC West, a tad more competitive than the East division, with two 12 game winning teams from last year vyying for the top spot.
00:29:24 8/2/2019
It's what happened last week, and it ain't pretty....
00:16:13 7/29/2019
Dave Mason and Damon D break down the AFC East winning odds - you know because that division is totally up for grabs....
00:29:11 7/24/2019
It's @DavemasonBOL on the horn to chat The Open Championship, Jeopardy! odds and Boxing vs MMA in the betting world.
00:26:30 7/18/2019
Wimbledon was B-A-N-A-N-A-S, The United Kingdon had a sports weekend for the ages, and we get into what we'll be previewing for Thursday episode.
00:13:37 7/16/2019
Dave Mason dissects the NBA free agency explosion with us, we talk Nathans Hot Dog Eating contest and how to handicap Wimbledon.
00:22:28 7/10/2019
Kawhi lost a lot of people a lot of $, but the USWST won a lot of people a little bit of money. Find out who, how much and where, as we recap the week...
00:21:58 7/8/2019
Damon D and Dave M chat the latest Durant and Kawhi Odds, Hot Dog Eating contest props and Democratic Presidential Nominee info.
00:25:08 6/27/2019
Nathans Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Odds, where's Kawhi going to go and did anybody make $ off of Bol Bol?
00:22:58 6/24/2019

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