Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter (AUS)

The death of UN secretary general Dag Hammarskj÷ld in a 1961 plane crash, was at the time, thought to be caused by pilot error. Now, with Dr Keith Suter part of a fresh UN investigation into the Swedish aristocrat's death, he discusses why anyone would want him dead - and who could have done it.

Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter (AUS)
00:19:26 1/24/2019

Past Episodes

Dr Keith Suter discusses why the world is moving away from integrated capitalism and towards police states, heightened geo-political tensions between the great powers and the resurgence of populism.
00:16:02 4/18/2019
Will we save the planet from climate change? Dr Keith Suter sheds light on what needs to be done to achieve sustainable development goals, whether we're likely to meet them and what the consequences could be if we don't.
00:22:03 4/11/2019
Trump is a master of fear - but he's not alone. Dr Keith Suter explains how fear is used in politics in the US and around the world to gain control of a country's narrative and population.
00:18:50 4/4/2019
Trump is talking about the collapse of the Islamic State in Syria - but is that true? Dr Keith Suter takes a deep dive into how ISIS was formed and how just active the extremist group really is today.
00:20:01 3/28/2019
In the wake of the tragic Christchurch attacks, Dr Keith Suter discusses the alarming rise of right-wing terrorism in Australia and across the world - and whether we should be surprised.
00:18:15 3/21/2019
With Britain's departure from the EU now more uncertain than ever, Dr Keith Suter explains why the Commonwealth was created and whether it's still significant on a world scale.
00:16:39 3/14/2019
The Iranian Revolution shook the country - and the world - in 1979. Dr Keith Suter explains how Iran has progressed since this defining moment in history.
00:17:57 3/7/2019
The history of Saudi Arabia and why everyone in the West wants a piece of this controversial country.
00:21:28 2/28/2019
Dr Keith Suter explains why Russia and China are increasingly joining forces and what it means for the West.
00:16:30 2/21/2019
With Venezuela facing a humanitarian crisis, Trump's severe sanctions on oil imports have President Nicolßs Maduro up in arms. Dr Keith Suter explains the driving forces behind America's intervention, the current leadership instability in Venezuela and the rise of socialist governments in Latin America.
00:21:16 2/14/2019

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