Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Travis Stork: From OG Bachelor to Dr. Daddy

Travis Stork who made his TV debut as the Bachelor on Season 8 joins Kaitlyn on the premiere week of the new season of The Bachelorette to talk about his experience as one of the OG Bachelors and his life now as a happily married, Board certified ER Physician and his role as a new dad! Just in time for Father's Day, Travis talks about all the fun things you can look forward to with a baby such as no sleep and the love of changing diapers. Dr. Travis Stork has come a long way since his days on The Bachelor which was a completely serendipitous opportunity that landed in his lap while in med school which was a career path he had no idea he wanted to pursue until later in life. Dr. Travis Stork also talks about his experience working the front line during COVID-19, his personal thoughts and advice on the vaccine and then shares a "sterile" confession that comes as a complete shock to Kaitlyn!

You can find Dr. Travis Stork on IG at @travisstorkmd

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