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00:00:46 6/18/2018

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Harold Reynolds talks All-Star, recounts a classic story about Rickey Henderson's feet, and breaks out in song in this week's episode. Plus, Scott and Kelly offer their top 5 baseball superstitions, including the infamous Giambi golden thong.
00:47:00 7/10/2018
Ron Darling does it all in the baseball media world and he brings his Hawaiian chill vibes but reveals a shocking fact about his big movie cameo. Kelly and Scott also deliver their top 5 ballpark pet peeves and reveal why there were so many heated moments on the field this past week.
00:53:00 7/3/2018
Relax with the softer side of Joe Girardi. From his homemade tomato sauce to his gym routine to how he chills after baseball, Joe takes you into his world after managing. Instead of one trade deadline, Joe would like two. Hear his proposition. Scott and Kelly also address umpire etiquette and break down their Top 5 Summer Dates.
00:53:00 6/26/2018
Get to know Scott Braun & Kelly Nash in their podcast debut. They kick their feet up with John Smoltz, who dives into what he calls the "hardest three weeks of his life." The MLB Hall of Famer details his journey towards competing in the U.S. Open Senior Tour later this month. Also, the new conversations about the National League adopting the DH ignite a heated debate that Smoltz, Braun & Nash each explain their stance on.
00:56:00 6/19/2018

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