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00:00:35 6/25/2018

Past Episodes

Chuck sits down with Big 12 Senior Associate Commissioner of Football Ed Stewart to talk about his involvement in the day to day operations for Football in the Big 12, fan engagement on game day beyond the game itself, and Ed tackles the targeting rule.
00:50:00 7/12/2018
Chuck and Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby finish their conversation from last week as they get into how the conference grooms and evaluates the performances of officials, Commissioner Bowlsby tackles the complex considerations of the transfer rule, and Chuck asks about any plans for realignment.
00:52:00 7/5/2018
On the inaugural episode of The Big 12 Podcast host Chuck Cooperstein sits down with Big 12 conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby about every thing Big 12 from scholarships covering the full cost of attendance, to image rights for student athletes, and the point of pride the conference takes in having the hardest road to the college football playoffs.
00:37:00 6/28/2018

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