Under Review - The Podcast

Justin Beiber wants to Fight Tom Cruise!!??? Toronto LOST game 5!!? KD came back then his leg exploded? The Bruins forced a Game 7!!! WTF happened this weekend? Let's get into it!

Under Review - The Podcast
00:22:53 6/11/2019

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The first-ever tandem triple teaseburger went down in flames thanks to the terribly untimely coaching of one Bill O'Brian. So, whats happening this week? Will Sean recover from his untimely sewering of the greatest sportsbetting...
00:31:30 9/17/2019
@DaveMasonBOL is back in business, we break down Antonio Brown Prop Bets, the Patriots staggeringly huge road chalk and we reflect on The Aftermath teams Triple Teaseburger for Week 2. Lets Go!
00:27:56 9/12/2019
New guest hosts Sean F and Eric R join D as they break down Antonio Browns season performance prop bets, and they all commit to their combo Triple Teaseburger wager for Week 2 in the...
00:36:20 9/10/2019
D is back to chat NFC South Odds, EXACT Super Bowl Matchup futures, big fat greasy bonuses and more!
00:27:56 9/3/2019
Dave! Damon! NFC! Let's GO!
00:27:56 8/30/2019
What happened this weekend? Whats about to happen this week? Where am I? Who are all these people?
00:18:19 8/26/2019
Dave and Damon continue their divisional betting odds breakdowns with th e AFC South. AFC South Winning Odds: Indianapolis Colts -125 Houston Texans +300 Jacksonville Jaguars +500 Tennessee Titans +650 ? AFC South Wins Odds:...
00:24:52 8/8/2019
Dave and Damon take on the AFC West, a tad more competitive than the East division, with two 12 game winning teams from last year vyying for the top spot.
00:29:24 8/2/2019
It's what happened last week, and it ain't pretty....
00:16:13 7/29/2019
Dave Mason and Damon D break down the AFC East winning odds - you know because that division is totally up for grabs....
00:29:11 7/24/2019

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