Under Review - The Podcast

We got Dave Mason (@DavMasonBOL) hanging out to tell us how the NBA Finals treated them, and us. We also talk the SD Trade an how it has affected the NBA Championship Futures odds and...

Under Review - The Podcast
00:31:16 6/19/2019

Past Episodes

Dave and Damon continue their divisional betting odds breakdowns with th e AFC South. AFC South Winning Odds: Indianapolis Colts -125 Houston Texans +300 Jacksonville Jaguars +500 Tennessee Titans +650 ? AFC South Wins Odds:...
00:24:52 8/8/2019
Dave and Damon take on the AFC West, a tad more competitive than the East division, with two 12 game winning teams from last year vyying for the top spot.
00:29:24 8/2/2019
It's what happened last week, and it ain't pretty....
00:16:13 7/29/2019
Dave Mason and Damon D break down the AFC East winning odds - you know because that division is totally up for grabs....
00:29:11 7/24/2019
It's @DavemasonBOL on the horn to chat The Open Championship, Jeopardy! odds and Boxing vs MMA in the betting world.
00:26:30 7/18/2019
Wimbledon was B-A-N-A-N-A-S, The United Kingdon had a sports weekend for the ages, and we get into what we'll be previewing for Thursday episode.
00:13:37 7/16/2019
Dave Mason dissects the NBA free agency explosion with us, we talk Nathans Hot Dog Eating contest and how to handicap Wimbledon.
00:22:28 7/10/2019
Kawhi lost a lot of people a lot of $, but the USWST won a lot of people a little bit of money. Find out who, how much and where, as we recap the week...
00:21:58 7/8/2019
Lots of NBA Free agency reaction, but mostly, it's about the wieners - Nathans Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition odds and futures.
00:18:29 7/3/2019
Damon D and Dave M chat the latest Durant and Kawhi Odds, Hot Dog Eating contest props and Democratic Presidential Nominee info.
00:25:08 6/27/2019

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