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The Two-Shot | Dungeons & Dragons and The Adventures of Robin Hood

The year before THE LORD OF THE RINGS changed cinema forever we finally got a live-action movie based on the RPG game DUNGEONS & DRAGONS... and it sucked. With an embarrassingly low budget, a cast of actors who are either out of their element or way too good for this, and a story that seems to be missing whole scenes, it's one of the most embarrassing adventure films of the century.

So why is DUNGEONS & DRAGONS the perfect double feature with THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, the iconic 1938 action-adventure classic starring Errol Flynn? And why does ROBIN HOOD play so much better today than a film made in recent memory? You'll have to listen to THE TWO-SHOT to find out! Film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold talk about the best and worst of cinema, every single week!

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