The Schmoes Know Show

The Top 10 - LIVE - Los Angeles based movies of the last 25 years

The Top 10 recorded the show live to a sold out crowd and now you too can listen! We plan on doing many more of these, the format may change ever so slightly, different interactive elements added or subtracted, but this is the energy you should come to expect from us when we travel to your city. We cannot thank those enough that came out and to the fans that purchased tickets to give away we extend our thanks as well. We wouldn't be here without all of your support. It was an amazing night for all involved and we're happy you get to now listen to it. Here is the Top 10 Los Angeles based movies of the past 25 years. Up next we're coming to London, Chicago, and NYC in the new year so email us at if you want to attend the shows in those cities.

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