The Laura Ingraham Podcast

The Radical 2020 Democratic Candidates, the Border Security Imperative and The Left Rejects Immigrant Assimilation

Laura slams the radical agendas of Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, former immigration judge Art Arthur provides expert insight into the border crisis, and the left eats its own as Tom Brokaw is denounced for suggesting immigrants should assimilate.

The Laura Ingraham Podcast
01:30:00 1/29/2019

Past Episodes

Jussie Smollett is arrested as Chicago Police slam the media's coverage; Joe DiGenova and Adam Carolla join Laura to discuss this and other issues.
01:30:00 2/21/2019
Dr. Wilfred Reilly, Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University and author of the new book Hate Crime Hoax: How The Left Is Selling A Fake Race War exposes the truth about these hoaxes, and what we can do to stop them. Also, Spencer Brown stops by to reveal the latest leftist absurdity on college campuses; and fitness expert Jennifer Cohen takes your calls on how to improve your exercise regimen to increase your overall well-being and happiness!
01:36:00 2/20/2019
White House Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp stops by to share the latest updates on President Trump's national emergency declaration; Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz reveals his thoughts on the national emergency, Andrew McCabe's attempted coup, and much more; and Jussie Smollett's hate crime hoax leaves the media and Democrats scrambling to hide their complicity in spreading this fake news.
01:30:00 2/19/2019
Laura and Raymond expose the details of the disastrous border security bill and take your calls demanding Trump refuse to sign it. Rep. Andy Biggs and Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson reveal how we can really secure our borders. Plus, Danielle D'Souza stops by to expose the latest campus intolerance from the Left.
01:30:00 2/14/2019
Laura and Raymond examine Congress's latest failed attempt to fix our broken immigration system. Plus, Gregg Jarrett exposes the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, and Dr. Warren Farrell reveals the burgeoning crisis affecting young men and boys.
01:30:00 2/13/2019
Fresh off their visit to the Trump and Beto rallies in El Paso, TX, Laura and Raymond breakdown their observations. Plus, Laura's interview with President Trump, the ludicrous Green New Deal unravels, and Happy Galentines Day?
01:30:00 2/12/2019
Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren's presidential ambitions take another hit, Mercedes Schlapp slams Democrats' rejection of Trump's call for unity, Senator Rand Paul blasts the "war caucus"* in Congress, and Dr. Christina Francis, the Chairwoman of The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, reveals the truth about late term abortions.
01:30:00 2/7/2019
Laura and Raymond analyze President Trump's State of the Union: from the Ghost Gals who refused to applaud great economic news, to the divisive reactions from the mainstream media and Democratic Party, to the fun and sentimental moments. Pat Buchanan and Craig Shirley join the discussion; plus, your reactions!
01:30:00 2/6/2019
Pro-infanticide comments weren't enough to cause Democrats to abandon Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, but a 35 year old yearbook picture has everyone on the left calling for his resignation. Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Niger Innis stop by to discuss. Plus, Clay Travis joins Laura to recap one of the most boring Super Bowls in recent memory, and to say what we were all thinking - it should've been the Saints!
01:31:00 2/5/2019
The outrageous infanticide bill from Virginia delegate Kathy Tran receives support from "moderate" Democratic governor Ralph Northam, former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett stops by to discuss our declining education standards, and Dr. Shelby Steele dissects the left's obsession with faux-racism. Plus, your Super Bowl predictions!
01:37:00 1/31/2019

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