Media Roundtable

The Podcast History Tellers; Lindsay Graham Joins The Media Roundtable

They say history repeats itself, so there may be no better person than American history aficionado and podcast mastermind, Lindsay Graham to show us what we have in store for the future of the medium. Lindsay's podcast pedigree is unmatched, with nearly everything he touches worthy of sponsorship consideration for most advertisers. This week, he gives an insider's look at the myriad of things it takes to make a great podcast, and what he desperately needs from the brands he endorses. Lindsay Graham (the podcaster, not the other one) has had a chart-topping rise to podcast prominence at the same time as the podcast industry itself broke into the mainstream. Over the last past few years, Graham has evolved into a podcasting titan. He's the Webby Award-winning host of American History Tellers, American Scandal, and American Elections: Wicked Game. He's also the executive producer of scripted podcasts 1865 and Terms and has worked on Dirty John and Dr. Death, among many others. Needless to say, Lindsay Graham has impacted tens of millions of listeners through his work.

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