Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

The K.Lo Down: The One Before The Baby

While in L.A, Kaitlyn schedules a mandatory hang with her BFF and vino fav Lo VonRumpf! The two get up to all types of mischief running around to the nearest California Walmarts to hide some autographed polaroids a.k.a. the "golden ticket" on bottles of Spade & Sparrows and they reveal which location it was just in case they have yet to be found! The two haven't seen each other for months so their mixed bag of conversation gets all kinds of weird and hilarious - reminiscing on how Lo has successfully changed Kaitlyn from a "potato with hair" to his very own styled Polly Pocket, mourning the loss of Lo's pup Dukey and their very opposite take on dirty talk. Lo shocks Kaitlyn when he confesses that he has a sex dream with her and they wrap it up by playing a heartfelt and tear filled game of "We're Not Really Strangers" where they fill each other's love cup and establish their band name as well as the title of this chapter in their lives. You can find Lo on IG at @stylelvr CROCS - For that year-round summery vibe that's stylish, you gotta check out the tulum sandal by Crocs. Head to to buy yours. STRAIGHT TALK - Tune out the nonsense and tune in to Straight Talk Wireless. Straight Talk Wireless. No contract. No compromise. STARBUCKS TRIPLE SHOT - What gives you energy? Find your Starbucks Triple Shot energy online or at your local store. GEICO - Go to and in 15 minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance. OXICLEAN - Visit where a coupon is waiting for you.

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