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The First Ever Park Rapids Fishing Expo! Next Friday, April 12th. We Hear From Chip Nielson On This Big Event!

Kev Jackson will be joining Chip Leer, Bro Brosdahl, Jason Durham, Jason Freed, Dick Beardsley and more at the First Ever Park Rapids Fishing Expo Friday, April 12th. Today, Kev talks with Pastor Chip, one of the organizers, about this big FREE event!

Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors
00:00:00 4/3/2019

Past Episodes

Destination Sporting Goods is hosting the 1st EVER Blue Line Walleye Tournament on Lakes Bemidji & Irving next weekend. Erik Jacobson has all the details, including registration. Plus, Assistant Bemidji Area Fisheries Manager Andy Thompson discusses upcoming public meetings discussing northern reg proposals for Elk, Big and Red, along with a muskie proposal for Elk Lake.
00:00:00 9/18/2019
Dick Beardsley joins Kev Jackson for the final episode of the year. Fall fishing is the topic. Don't forget, we continue with outdoors talk with "Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors", but it will be weekly instead of daily starting next Thursday (9/19).
00:00:00 9/12/2019
Dick Beardsley joins us one more time to talk fall fishing on Lake Bemidji and many other lakes. Today, Part One. And Carl Pederson of the Walker Area Fisheries Office has all the details on our final Lake Of The Week for 2019. Don't listen if you're superstitious!
00:00:00 9/11/2019
Every year we check in with Henry Drewes, Northwest Regional Fisheries Manager before we wrap up for the State Of The Fishery. Today, part two of that conversation, plus Tournament Director Casey Friskney wraps up the Frank Schneider Jr. Memorial Muskie Tournament held in Paul Bunyan Country this past weekend.
00:00:00 9/10/2019
DNR Northwest Regional Fisheries Manager Henry Drewes joins us for his annual September State Of The Fishery. We discuss everything going on in the Northwest Region...Fishing success, populations, AIS concerns and much more. It's Part One of a two parter.
00:00:00 9/9/2019
Dr. Andy Hafs of Bemidji State checks in one final time to talk about winter kill and Dave Weitzel of the Grand Rapids Fisheries Office with the details on the latest Lake of the Week.
00:00:00 9/8/2019
Toby Kvalevog of Leisure Outdoor Adventures gets us ready for a weekend of fishing. And those of you up for the Ralph Schneider, he's been catching a lot of muskies, so listen up!
00:00:00 9/6/2019
Scott Anderson, DU Regional Director, stops in with the details on next week's Bemidji DU Banquet. We also discuss all things duck...hunting, conservation and much more.
00:00:00 9/4/2019
We check in once again with Casey Friskney, the Tournament Director of this weekend's HUGE Frank Schneider, Jr. Memorial Muskie Tournament. 26 lakes, and miles of river; well over 400 anglers; 3's one of the biggest fishing tournaments in the nation. Find out how you can get registered and more!
00:00:00 9/3/2019
It's a Back To School Edition of FPBC! Kindergarten Teacher by day, Guide Extraordinaire the rest of the time, Jason Durham has all the details on fall fishing in the Park Rapids area. Meanwhile, Dr. Andrew Hafs of Bemidji State is back in the classroom, but still schools us. Today, we ask him about what two line fishing might mean for Minnesota fishing.
00:00:00 9/2/2019

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