The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane - September 11, 2019 - Full Show

2:00 - The Cardinals couldn't find their bats in Denver 2:15 - What are injuries doing to the current state of the NL Central 2:30 - What the heck is going on with Antonio Brown? 2:45 - What is it like pitching at Coors Field? BT dives in. 3:00 - Despite not winning it all, the Dodgers are still a dynasty 3:15 - Derrick Goold on the Cardinals middle infield, adjusting to Colorado and more 3:30 - Ken Rosenthal says the Rockies need to trade Arenado. We know a team that would like having him. 3:45 - ESPN's Tristan Cockcroft answers your fantasy football questions for Week 2 4:00 - Four O'clock Fight 4:15 - Andrew Brandt on handling the Antonio Brown situation from a front office and agent perspective. 4:30 - Sports Six Pack 4:45 - What If... 5:00 - Take It Or Leave It 5:15 - The Cardinals middle infield has been one for the record books this season 5:30 - Hot Topics 5:45 - What did you learn today?

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